Psychologist Proposes Women Admit How Old We Are

There's a saying, when it comes to a woman's age: A gentleman never asks and a lady never tells. There was a time when a woman's age had a huge impact on her life; if you weren't married by a given year, you were "on the shelf," a spinster. Some might argue we still punish women for having the audacity to age; hence a… » 5/14/12 2:40pm 5/14/12 2:40pm

What's More "Important"? Your Face Or Your Ass?

A story in the Times of London claims that every woman eventually has to choose between maintaining a youthful face or a great body. Fashion editor Lisa Armstrong quotes actress Catherine Deneuve: "A 30-year-old woman must choose between her bottom and her face." Basically, the "theory" assumes that as a woman gets… » 10/08/07 10:30am 10/08/07 10:30am