Sydney Leathers Fact-Checks Anthony Weiner's Politico Interview

Yesterday, I saw a piece about Anthony Weiner on Politico. Within this piece, Anthony announced his departure from politics as his own decision, long in the works. I found this interesting: not just because it was me, rather than his commitment to fatherhood, that crushed his political dreams, but also because he once… »10/22/14 3:30pm

Reporter Asks Sydney Leathers Why She Needs School If She Has Porn

Early last fall, America watched with salacious glee as a 22-year-old Indiana woman named Sydney Leathers changed from sky-high heels into flats to chase disgraced NYC mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner through a Midtown McDonald's. Since then, Leathers has gone back to school, has a boyfriend, and is trying to move on… »9/17/14 3:20pm

Sydney Leathers Chased Anthony Weiner Through a McDonald's Last Night

After netting only 5%(ish) of the vote in NYC's Democratic Mayoral primary yesterday, prolific sexter Anthony Weiner has little choice but to go limping off into the sunset. But it wouldn't be right if the Saga of Carlos Danger simply petered out. No, in order for this story to properly conclude, America needed… »9/11/13 10:00am

Top Weiner Aide (Heh) Calls Former Intern 'Slutbag', 'Twat', and 'Cunt'

In a campaign that's straight out of an extra ridiculous episode of The Good Wife, former Weiner intern Olivia Nuzzi penned a front page story in the Daily News basically saying Weiner is just a sad-sack stepping stone to Huma and ultimately, Hillary Clinton. Now, Weiner’s communications director Barbara Morgan is… »7/30/13 10:30pm