Wanda Sykes Is More Worried About Pharrell's Hat Than His Album Cover

In today's Tweet Beat, Anthony Bourdain is not a Tony Blair fan, Andre Leon Talley loves Instagram/Kim Kardashian and Wanda Sykes thinks Pharrell fans have bigger fish to fry. » 2/27/14 7:30pm 2/27/14 7:30pm

Donald Glover Says 'If I'm Clinically Depressed...Then Most Of Us Are'

In today's Tweet Beat, Anthony Bourdain is questioning some classic song lyrics, Yvette Nicole Brown wants people to be nicer on Twitter (for Damon Lindeof's sake) and Donald Glover doesn't understand the reaction to his recent Instagram posts. » 10/18/13 7:30pm 10/18/13 7:30pm

Watch Anthony Bourdain Go For A Drive With Palestine's 'Speed Sisters'

Like all Americans of taste, we can't get enough of Anthony Bourdain, so we were especially pleased to see his new CNN show "Parts Unknown" didn't skip the Speed Sisters all-female racing team when he went to the West Bank. "A car doesn't know if you're a woman or a man." » 9/18/13 2:34pm 9/18/13 2:34pm

Education Expert Jaden Smith Urges Kids to Drop Out of School

Born-into-stupidly-rich-and-famous-circumstances Jaden Smith, 15-year-old student at the Scientology-based New Village Leadership Academy (founded by Will and Jada) and part-time Teen Philosopher, is all, "We Don't Need No Education." » 9/16/13 9:00am 9/16/13 9:00am

Paula Deen Is Still a Buttery Demon to Anthony Bourdain

Remember all those months back when Paula Deen came out as having diabetes conveniently around the same time she teamed up with pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk, causing notorious culinary scrapper Anthony Bourdain to tweet, "Thinking of getting into the leg-breaking business, so I can profitably sell crutches… » 4/09/12 2:20pm 4/09/12 2:20pm

Marilyn Hagerty and Anthony Bourdain May Write Beautiful Prose Together

Better get back on that ledge, failed and cynical writers of America — Marilyn Hagerty, the North Dakota food critic who rocked the elitist New York media with her cordial review of an Olive Garden in Grand Forks and then took the city by storm during a whirlwind visit, is in talks with Anthony Bourdain and Harper… » 3/31/12 2:50pm 3/31/12 2:50pm

Celeb Chefs Hit Back Against Ghostwriting Accusations, But Should They…

An article from Tuesday's New York Times dining section has sent several celebrity chefs scrambling after being accused of using ghostwriters to compose their successful cookbooks. "I wrote nine cookbooks and many other chefs' projects over the next five years, some credited but most anonymous," writes Julia Moskin… » 3/21/12 1:00pm 3/21/12 1:00pm

Dennis Quaid’s Third Marriage Is Not the Charm

After six years of marriage, a handful of B-grade action movies, and a move from Los Angeles to the more suitably indie Austin, Texas (probably to start a family blues band), Dennis Quaid may soon be facing life as single guy, a state that might actually suit his boyish features quite well. Quaid's third wife, … » 3/09/12 8:00pm 3/09/12 8:00pm

Undercover Reporter at Applebee's Recounts Horrific Sexual Assault

Applebee's may be great place to wash down your cheese-infused dinner with an Oreo milkshake (they still have those, yes?), but, according to an undercover reporter who spent time on the prep line at one of the popular restaurant chains, its male-dominated kitchens simmer with sexual aggression. » 3/02/12 5:30pm 3/02/12 5:30pm

Bourdain: Food And Sex Mix, But Depends On 'Who's Fucking'

On Real Time, Bill Maher asked Anthony Bourdian to choose between a great meal and mediocre sex. His response? "Depends on who's cooking, and who's fucking." He continued, "It disturbs me when people talk about how chocolate is really orgasmic — or how they like to take food to bed. You know, I believe in separating… » 8/08/11 4:40pm 8/08/11 4:40pm

Tom Ford Shows French Vogue His Headdress Collection

Whitney's Disastrous Australian Concert; Charlie Sheen Enters Rehab

Coming Soon: Team Sparklevamp Capitalism!

Bourdain And Batali Talk Wet Spots, Sushi

"I believe in food and sex; I believe in food then sex; food and sex together? I'm always deeply disturbed by people who get a little too excited talking about chocolate," says Anthony Bourdain. » 1/15/09 6:20pm 1/15/09 6:20pm

Cultural Understanding Goes Down Better With French Fries, Chicken…

Thanks to our readers for tipping us off to last night's amazing episode of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations. In the episode, Bourdain travels to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to meet with Danya Alhamrani, a fan who basically challenged him to visit her country and still think ill of it. What follows is a look at Saudi Arabia… » 7/22/08 2:00pm 7/22/08 2:00pm

Can Female Vegetarians And Male Carnivores Ever Find True Foodie Love?

"Vegetarians, and their Hezbollah-like splinter faction, the vegans... are the enemy of everything good and decent in the human spirit." Ha! That's Anthony Bourdain in the best-selling memoir Kitchen Confidential, and the writer/celebrity chef's famous phrase made an appearance in today's New York Times, which, on the… » 2/13/08 2:30pm 2/13/08 2:30pm

Queens Of The Stone Age Drink Eggnog With Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain is like the definition of cool and the tattooed, early-punk fan is no stranger to rock 'n' roll or the lifestyle that goes with it. (He's documented his former use of "pot, quaaludes, cocaine, LSD, psilocybin mushrooms soaked in honey and used to sweeten tea, Seconal, Tuinal, speed, codeine and… » 12/24/07 10:00am 12/24/07 10:00am