Study: Women With Eating Disorders End Up With Less Money 

According to a recent study published in the International Journal of Eating Disorders, women diagnosed with eating disorders or disordered eating behaviors were “at a distinct disadvantage when trying to achieve socioeconomic independence in early adulthood,” with “lower levels of educational attainment, personal… »4/09/15 12:50pm4/09/15 12:50pm

France Moves to Ban Ultra-Thin Models and Pro-Anorexia Websites 

The French Parliament passed a measure Friday banning the use of excessively thin models on the runway. Part of a larger Health Bill, the measure won a majority vote in the National Assembly lower house of Parliament and will move on to the Senate next week. Other countries, including Spain and Israel, have passed… »4/03/15 4:30pm4/03/15 4:30pm

Formerly Obese Teenagers Are at High Risk for Eating Disorders

Today in America's Holy War on Obesity, teenagers who "beat" fatness and manage to become thin (MISSION ACCOMPLISHED BANNER) are at a significant risk of developing eating disorders and unlikely to have those disorders diagnosed. Because, hey, thinness is the goal—not health. Thinness is everything, thinness is the… »9/10/13 10:20am9/10/13 10:20am

Lauren Hutton: Fashion's Dominated By Men "Pissed Off That They're Not Women"

In a cover interview with Net-A-Porter's magazine, the iconic model and actress Lauren Hutton, perhaps best known for playing Richard Gere's adulterous employer-turned-pro bono love interest in American Gigolo (nobody else actually saw that? K), has some Opinions About The Fashion Industry that might raise your… »4/20/13 1:30pm4/20/13 1:30pm

Hashbrowns and Hashtags: How Will Instagram Stay Ahead of Photos That Glorify Eating Disorders?

Instagram has 80 million users and they're growing fast, and with that, moderating the quickly expanding community is a mounting concern. For Beat, a British nonprofit that helps people struggling with eating disorders, the concern is with hashtags and images that celebrate disordered eating and emaciated bodies.… »1/03/13 11:45pm1/03/13 11:45pm

When the World Is Your Therapist: Lady Gaga's Eating Disorder Is a Double-Edged Sword

Every so often, a celebrity will "come out" about her past struggle with an eating disorder. These stars are almost always women, and they are almost always "better" by the time they make a public statement. They are also almost always slender. Just this week, Katie Couric admitted that she had "wrestled with bulimia… »9/26/12 11:40am9/26/12 11:40am

Pro-Anorexia Content Still Flourishes Despite the Internet Police’s Best Efforts

The results of Pinterest and Tumblr's efforts to remove posts from their sites that promote eating disorders have so far been underwhelming. Last month, Pinterest, momentarily "caught off guard" by the amount of pro-anorexia posts and discussion threads, promised to limit the number of photos labeled "thinspiration"… »4/16/12 11:55pm4/16/12 11:55pm

Well, That Was Quick — Looks Like Pinterest Just Banned 'Thinspo' Boards

Today, popular microblogging social media site Pinterest posted updated terms of use to explicitly bar posting content that others may find emotionally distressing or that risks encouraging physical or mental illness. So does this mean that pro-anorexia "thinspo" boards will have to find a new home? »3/23/12 7:47pm3/23/12 7:47pm

'Underweight' Models Banned in Israeli Advertisements

In the past few years, we've heard rumblings of different laws in different countries, with the same goal: To keep advertisers and magazines from using super-skinny models. In France, Parliament voted in favor of a bill that outlaws "publicly inciting extreme thinness." An ad in the UK was banned because the model had… »3/20/12 12:15pm3/20/12 12:15pm

The Scary, Weird World of Pinterest Thinspo Boards

If you venture deeply enough into the bowels of the internet, you can find some pretty shocking stuff. But you barely have to scratch the surface to discover the world of pro-ana "thinspo" blogs — online forums where women with eating disorders commiserate and encourage each other with pictures of emaciated women and… »3/19/12 1:50pm3/19/12 1:50pm