FBI Cracks Down on Steubenville's Anonymous Ally

The 26-year-old leader of Anonymous's "Operation Roll Red Roll" made the Steubenville Ohio rape case go viral. Now he's being targeted by the FBI for hacking and identify theft. They take the forcible penetration of computers very seriously! » 6/07/13 3:10pm 6/07/13 3:10pm

Anonymous Says It's Confirmed That Emma Watson Will Be the Big-Screen…

In her ongoing effort to scrub the adorable residue precocious witch Hermione Granger left all over her acting career, Emma Watson may end up portraying Anastasia Steele, the heroine of a contemporary classic in the annals (heh) of erotic fiction, on the big screen. Or so says the reinvigorated Fifty Shades of… » 3/15/13 12:00pm 3/15/13 12:00pm

Steubenville's Legacy: How a Rape Case in Ohio Could Change History

Every two minutes, someone in the U.S. is sexually assaulted. Yet, somehow, the Steubenville rape case has managed to capture the nation's notoriously restless attention span. Is it too optimistic to hope the increasingly high-profile case will help dispel some of our country's most deep-rooted myths about rape? » 1/08/13 1:55pm 1/08/13 1:55pm

Sheriff Criticized in Steubenville Rape Investigation Tells Reporters…

In the face of increasing national scrutiny (and the dogged pursuit of Anonymous' internet vigilantes), Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla of Steubenville rape investigation infamy took the stage Saturday and boldly chided booing protesters for jumping to conclusions about the way he handled the investigation. He… » 1/06/13 12:00pm 1/06/13 12:00pm

Anonymous Releases More Intel on the Alleged Steubenville 'Rape Crew'

Last month, Anonymous sub-group KnightSec vowed to expose the other students and adults affiliated with the Steubenville, Ohio Big Red high school rape case if they didn't publicly apologize before January 1st. On Wednesday, they released a video of former Steubenville High School baseball player Michael Nodianos… » 1/04/13 1:45pm 1/04/13 1:45pm

Anonymous Leaks Horrifying Video of Steubenville High Schoolers Joking …

Anonymous just leaked a 12-minute video of drunk Steubenville high school athletes having a blast making fun of the passed-out 16-year-old girl who was allegedly raped by football players Trent Mays and Ma'lik Richmond last August. » 1/02/13 1:47pm 1/02/13 1:47pm

Why is Roseanne Barr Aligning Herself with Anonymous and Calling…

A rape case in Steubenville, Ohio, involving some members of the city's beloved football team has drawn national attention. The Times said that it was a notable case because it was "a sexual assault accusation in the age of social media, when teenagers are capturing much of their lives on their camera phones ... and… » 12/29/12 2:30pm 12/29/12 2:30pm

Anonymous Plans Occupy Events for Steubenville, Accuses Football Team…

Earlier this week, the KnightSec sub-group of hacktivist group Anonymous unleashed vigilantes on Steubenville, Ohio, where two high school football players are charged with kidnapping and raping a passed-out 16-year-old girl. » 12/27/12 11:50am 12/27/12 11:50am

Anonymous Outs Members of Alleged Steubenville High School 'Rape Crew'

Thanks to a lengthy New York Times piece, the country knows that superstar high school athletes Trent Mays and Ma'lik Richmond are charged with raping and kidnapping a 16-year-old girl in football-crazed Steubenville, Ohio. » 12/24/12 11:55am 12/24/12 11:55am

Anonymous Hacks Westboro Baptist Church for Planning to Picket Sandy…

The hacktivist group Anonymous has renewed its long-standing war with the Westboro Baptist Church after the church's spokeswoman, Shirley Phelps-Roper, Tweeted the WBC's intentions to picket the funerals of the dozens of people who were killed in last week's tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary. » 12/17/12 11:30am 12/17/12 11:30am

Anonymous Exposes Bullies Who Encouraged Teen Girl to Commit Suicide

Man, online bullying is the pits, and I'm so thankful the internet was not in wide use when I was in high school because it takes note passing to whole new levels of intensity. Back in my day, it would take a day or two for rumors to make their way around schools — now it only takes a few minutes. Your hormones and… » 11/15/12 10:00am 11/15/12 10:00am

Anonymous Outs the Man Who Allegedly Drove Amanda Todd to Suicide

Anonymous is claiming that Kody Maxson, a 30-year-old (former?) Facebook employee living in New Westminster, British Columbia, is the man who allegedly harassed Vancouver-area 15-year-old Amanda Todd so relentlessly that she took her own life on Oct. 10. In their YouTube video, a Guy Fawkes-outfitted anonybro with an… » 10/16/12 3:13am 10/16/12 3:13am

Caution: Don't Tell Emotionally Unstable Relatives About that Abortion…

A 27-year-old member of Anonymous/busybody has been sent to jail after breaking into a British database, stealing the personal data of 10,000 women who used abortion or contraceptive services, and threatening to disclose their names, phone numbers, email addresses, all because he was pissed his sister had ended her… » 4/16/12 11:40am 4/16/12 11:40am