Here's Kim and Kanye's Awfully Awkward Wedding Dance

This time last year every blogger in the known universe was scouring the internet for pictures of Kim and Kanye’s big day —”little angels blessing us”— while downing bottles of TUMS as our editors urged us to work harder, faster, stronger. Now, to mark a year after the event that almost sent us all to the hospital,… »5/25/15 1:30pm5/25/15 1:30pm


Sarah Palin Remembers Roe v. Wade by Reminding You She's Abortion-Free

One-time government official Sarah Palin is on a roll right now. Fresh off of her choice to celebrate Martin Luther King Day by criticizing President Obama for "playing the race card," she took to her Facebook page to mark the anniversary of Roe v. Wade by pointing out the abortion she didn't but could have had. »1/22/14 7:45pm1/22/14 7:45pm

Enjoy a Side of Terror with Your $12,000 Titanic Dinner

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Titanic's tragic hit and run with an iceberg, a Houston restaurant is offering what it calls the "Titanic Experience": a 10-course, 4-hour meal featuring authentic Titanic food at the super exclusive Macy's Table in a room suspended from the restaurant's ceiling, all for the… »3/31/12 1:30pm3/31/12 1:30pm