Paula Deen Is the Victim of a 'Lynch Mob,' Says Anne Rice

Anne Rice had some stuff to say about the terrible, terrible persecution of Paula Deen. Specifically, she worries if Deen is the victim of our "lynch mob" culture. ANNE. ANNE. THAT'S NOT A GOOD USE OF WORDS. That's the kind of word-using that I'd expect from someone who isn't an internationally famous professional… »6/24/13 9:45pm6/24/13 9:45pm

Celebrity Super Friends Tweet Reactions to Protests in Turkey

The rapid transformation of Occupy Gezi from a amiable-enough effort to protect what little green space remains in European Istanbul to a violent clash between protesters and Turkish police has attracted the attention celebrities like sign-maker Tilda Swinton, concerned father figure Mark Ruffalo, and even vampire… »6/02/13 11:30am6/02/13 11:30am

All Women Have the Right to Enjoy Some Pirate Erotica

Now that E.L. James' Fifty Shades of sadomasochistic sweet, sweet smut is making its author over a million dollars a week, Plume, an imprint of publishing giant Penguin, will re-release Anne Rice's graphic "Sleeping Beauty" trilogy from the 1980s, because now that dirty books are a summer reading trend (for the first… »7/09/12 10:30am7/09/12 10:30am