New York Times Hard-Pressed To Name Funniest Female Novelists

New York Times »9/16/08 3:30pm9/16/08 3:30pm book critic David Kelly asked his fellow writers to name and he noted that not a single female author was nominated. "Where are the female nominees?" Kelly wonders. "Someone here mentioned Jane Austen, but only halfheartedly and only after I pointed out that not a single novel by a woman had been…

Anne Lamott Opines On The Political Artist Formerly Known As Palin

Writer Anne Lamott hates Sarah Palin »9/16/08 12:30pm9/16/08 12:30pm so much she's not using her real name anymore. Instead she's calling her "Claw Washout," which is what you get when you type "Sarah" into the (if you type in "Sarah Palin," you get "Flack Gobbler," which calls up the image of our favorite lipsticked pit bull devouring publicists).…

Anne Lamott Tells Stephen Colbert That God Is, In Fact, A 'She'

Writer Anne Lamott — whose 1994 book Bird by Bird is well-known and much-loved by millions of frustrated, (mostly female?) writers — appeared in all her dreadlocked-glory on last night's Colbert Report to plug her new book Grace, Eventually, and talk politics, Sunday school, Jeremiah Wright and the fact that God is a… »4/30/08 3:00pm4/30/08 3:00pm