Dan Stevens to Possibly Be Gobbled By Lizard in Upcoming Monster Film

Dan Stevens wasn’t killed off in an especially romantic way at the end of his tenure on Downton Abbey, and now it seems he may be in danger of death-by-monster-reptile. He has just been cast as Anne Hathaway’s ex-boyfriend in Colossal, a film about a woman who experiences a telepathic connection with a giant lizard.… »10/27/15 5:20pm10/27/15 5:20pm


Report: Taylor Swift Broke Up With Calvin Harris Because He Got a Happy Ending at a Massage Parlor

I thought this one would be forever, but apparently it’s just gone down in flames. And I’m sure she’ll tell us when she releases another album whether or not the high was worth the pain. In case you’re not following, let me just say that this celebrity’s list of Starbucks lovers has just gotten longer. Yep, you heard… »10/12/15 9:35am10/12/15 9:35am

In The Intern, Anne Hathaway & Robert De Niro Explore an Unlikely Bromance

I almost missed The Intern. Not because of a ticket mishap or projector problem, but because it came this close to not getting the green light. Nancy Meyers, the film’s writer and director, says it was the hardest movie she’s ever made, and that the process of selling it was both “frustrating and disheartening.”… »9/25/15 10:26am9/25/15 10:26am

Nancy Meyers Says Robert De Niro Plays 'the Best Guy I've Ever Written'

The return of Nancy Meyers is nigh! The writer-director behind What Women Want, The Holiday and the Father of the Bride movies, is back with her latest film since 2009’s It’s Complicated. It’s called The Intern, and stars Anne Hathaway as the founder of a fashion startup who befriends her new senior intern, played by… »8/20/15 10:10am8/20/15 10:10am

Not Even TV Is Safe From Anne Hathaway's Clammy Embrace

Anne Hathaway has her sights set on a second Emmy*, apparently: The very talented and highly-unlikeable-for-no-apparent-reason actress will soon be infiltrating your television set to bring you an “event series” about a diplomat’s wife who’s been kidnapped in a fictional Middle Eastern country and learns many lessons… »8/19/15 1:10pm8/19/15 1:10pm

I Bet You Can't Tell These Celebrities and Their Wax Figures Apart

Since the beginning of recorded history, humans have been memorializing the hottest and most famous among them in wax. The figures created by Madame Tussaud and her army of artists and are so lifelike that you might find it impossible to tell them apart from the real thing. Don’t believe me? Check out the sliding… »5/29/15 1:50pm5/29/15 1:50pm

Today Is a Good Day Because Nancy Meyers' New Movie Has a Trailer

Nancy Meyers’ The Intern has a trailer, you can watch it in the YouTube video player above, and I’m so happy to be writing this sentence. The movie, written and directed by Meyers, stars Anne Hathaway as Jules Ostin, the founder of a successful startup in Brooklyn, and Robert de Niro as Ben Whittaker, the retiree… »5/14/15 11:50am5/14/15 11:50am

Anne Hathaway Rides a Wrecking Ball Directly Into Her Haters

Anne Hathaway performed Miley’s “Wrecking Ball” on Spike TV’s Lip Sync Battle, the new show in which Jimmy Fallon calls in favors and convinces A-listers to lip sync songs in front of a live audience and, if they’re lucky, Emily Blunt. While swinging on an actual wrecking ball, Hathaway expertly showcased her… »4/06/15 3:10pm4/06/15 3:10pm

Mama June's Dated Sex Offenders Before, Sugar Bear Doesn't Want Custody

With all the shocking news that's come out about Mama June lately, it's kind of hard to be surprised by the latest nugget of information that's found itself out of the bleak and awful mess that is Mama June getting back together with her daughter's molester, but here it is anyway: This isn't June's first time at the… »10/29/14 8:30pm10/29/14 8:30pm

Anne Hathaway Is Alive Because of a Diane Von Furstenberg Wrap Dress

Well well welllllll...Anne Hathahaters and Anne Hathalovers and Anne HathasheseemsfineandniceIdon'treallyhavethoughtsabouther now have an article of clothing to blame/delight in/feel ambivalently about. Hathaway's mother has revealed that without Diane Von Furstenberg's wrap dress, there would be no Anne Hathaway. »10/13/14 6:30pm10/13/14 6:30pm

Profile About How You Shouldn't Hate Anne Hathaway Makes You Want To

"She won an Oscar, got married, and was hazed by the mean girls. But Anne Hathaway is going to keep on living." That's how Harper's Baazar's Laura Brown starts off her new profile of the actress: naming two amazing things that happened to her and one incredibly vague bad thing, before suggesting that Hathaway… »10/09/14 1:50pm10/09/14 1:50pm