Thanks to Copyright Bullshit, Anne Frank's Diary Now Has a Co-Author

It would seem counterintuitive for a book entitled The Diary of Anne Frank to have another author besides, well, Anne Frank. But strange things happen in the Year of Our Lord 2015 – and by “strange things,” I mean copyright gymnastics propelled by a yen for profit. In naming Anne’s father, Otto Frank, co-author of the »11/15/15 11:15pm11/15/15 11:15pm


This Is the 'Pornographic' Anne Frank Excerpt That's Causing a Fuss

Anne Frank's diary is unforgettable not just because of its obvious historical significance but because Anne is so normal; she's boy crazy (let's be honest, she would've totally been a Belieber), irreverent and so relatable that Angela Chase once got in trouble for calling her "lucky" because she was stuck inside all… »4/29/13 3:25pm4/29/13 3:25pm

Why Can't the Mormon Church Stop Baptizing Anne Frank?

There's been some chatter in the news lately about the Mormon church's bizarre habit of baptizing non-Mormons who have died. They've done it on all kinds of famous deceased people—Elvis, Shakespeare, and even Jesus Christ himself. This past weekend they baptized Anne Frank, WWII diarist and victim of the Holocaust.… »2/22/12 11:55pm2/22/12 11:55pm

Jewish Girl's Memoir Describes Outwitting Nazis

Next year the British publisher of Anne Frank's diary will release a diary by Helga Weiss, one of the few children from the Czech ghetto of Terezin who survived Auschwitz. Weiss, who grew up to be an internationally known artist, was confronted by Josef Mengele in the camps, but managed to save herself and her mother… »10/17/11 10:40am10/17/11 10:40am