Kanye's Exciting Fashion Week Show, in Tweets (And a New Song!)

Hypebeasts and their newborn cousins, athleisure stans, have been collectively losing their shit over the impending release of Kanye West's Adidas sneaker, the Yeezy, which looks like the Marty McFly as interpreted by Creative Recreation, and/or something that belongs on the foot of a baby. » 2/12/15 6:00pm 2/12/15 6:00pm

Anna Wintour Doesn't Want to Go to Work Because of Rats

As our brother site Gawker has diligently reported, Condé Nast's office has a rat infestation. This is pretty common with new buildings, though it might seem at odds with the "new" nature of them; rats get in during construction, which gives the critters a significant amount of time to claim their turf before people… » 12/12/14 1:10pm 12/12/14 1:10pm

Vogue’s Shiny New Office Has a Big Rat Problem

Earlier this month, Condé Nast commenced its long-anticipated move to 1 World Trade Center, whose landlord is counting on the magazine publisher to anchor the building and attract other hip companies to the fortified Financial District. The ongoing rodent problem at Vogue, however, might give some prospective… » 11/21/14 2:49pm 11/21/14 2:49pm

Anna Wintour Put Kimye on the Cover of Vogue Because They're Tacky

It hit 32 degrees in all 50 states yesterday, so you know what that means: WINTOUR IS COMING. And along with her stone cold demeanor and impeccable bob, she's bringing KIMYE commentary. » 11/19/14 10:10am 11/19/14 10:10am

Power Suits and Ugly Butter at Glamour's Woman of the Year Awards

Monday night at Glamour's annual Woman of the Year Awards in New York City, many of our most important cultural and political luminaries, and Tinsley Mortimer, walked the red carpet in the name of Empowerment. » 11/11/14 1:10pm 11/11/14 1:10pm

Does Vogue Plan to Put Hillary Clinton Back on the Cover?

Hillary Clinton still won't confirm whether she's running for president, but in the meantime you can chew over another will-she-or-won't-she: could she soon be appearing on the cover of Vogue? » 10/29/14 7:20pm 10/29/14 7:20pm

Blake Lively and Anna Wintour Plot World Domination Over Appetizers

Actress Blake Lively and Editor-in-Chief of American Vogue Anna Wintour attend God's Love We Deliver, Golden Heart Awards on October 16, 2014 in New York City. » 10/16/14 11:12pm 10/16/14 11:12pm

Caption This Pic of Anna Wintour and Michelle Obama

Caption This: Anna Wintour (L), Editor-in-Chief of Vogue magazine, steps off the stage after she introduced U.S. first lady Michelle Obama (R) during a session of a Fashion Education Workshop, hosted by the first lady, in the East Room of the White House. The workshop was to connect students with leading fashion… » 10/09/14 11:00pm 10/09/14 11:00pm

Anna Wintour Has Never Taken a Selfie and Doesn't Plan to Start Now

Anna "Nuclear" Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue, did a "73 Questions" video for, uh, Vogue. It has a surreal, forced, rehearsed, uncomfortable faux-documentary quality but the notoriously fierce fashion magnate is a rather good sport. » 9/10/14 1:00pm 9/10/14 1:00pm

Here Is Anna Wintour Using an Archaic Flip Phone

At the US Open Thursday evening, Anna Wintour did like she does and sat next to Hugh Jackman to cheer on Roger Federer (their boy won). Wintour also whipped out a piece of technology decidedly not befitting New York Fashion Week, which began that very same day. » 9/05/14 11:50am 9/05/14 11:50am

Um, Anna Wintour Did the Ice Bucket Challenge and Her Hair Got Wet

Yo: This ALS ice bucket thing has gone too far if Vogue's Anna Wintour — the frostiest editrix of them all — is game. She let her signature bob get wet. » 8/20/14 2:20pm 8/20/14 2:20pm

Kanye Is 'Arrogant' for Thinking He Can Do Fashion, Says Kelly Cutrone

ANTM judge Kelly Cutrone threw a punch at Kanye West today, saying that being on the cover of Vogue doesn't make him a credible voice in fashion. After all, she said, Anna Wintour isn't putting out rap records (ALTHOUGH THAT WOULD BE AMAZING—WHAT EXACTLY ARE WE COMPLAINING ABOUT HERE?). » 8/13/14 8:00pm 8/13/14 8:00pm

Dolce & Gabbana Ask Anna Wintour to Squash Tax Fraud Exposé

Last year in Italy, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana — the designers who founded luxury fashion house Dolce & Gabbana — were found guilty of tax fraud. Now they're reportedly trying to squash an exposé to be published by Vanity Fair — and asking Condé Nast artistic director (and Vogue editor-in-chief) Anna Wintour… » 8/04/14 3:20pm 8/04/14 3:20pm

The Battle for September: Vogue Wins, Lucky Loses

The thickness of the September fashion magazines has been determined and while things are looking excellent for a number of publications (Elle, Vogue, Harper's Baazar, InStyle), they're looking bleak for a couple others (Lucky, Teen Vogue). » 7/25/14 5:00pm 7/25/14 5:00pm

Anna Wintour Bemoans the 'Manufactured' Nature of Red Carpet Fashion

Perhaps wholly unaware of exactly what her legacy will be, Anna Wintour took some time this week to complain about how damn unoriginal celebrities who dress up for red carpet events are. » 6/17/14 4:15pm 6/17/14 4:15pm

James Franco Posts and Deletes Another Scandalous Selfie

Happy Memorial Day weekend! In order to help you celebrate, James Franco (actor, author, director, the new messiah, etc.) has posted and deleted another revealing selfie for your viewing pleasure. Unfortunately for Franco, the internet doesn't play peekaboo and anything you post is forever (especially when you do it… » 5/24/14 11:30am 5/24/14 11:30am

Benedict Cumberbatch: The Only Met Gala Attendee to Do White Tie Right

Anna Wintour and Sarah Jessica Parker appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers to talk all things Met Gala, and they made a very unlikely comedy duo. » 5/08/14 7:00pm 5/08/14 7:00pm

Madonna Posts Racy Pic of Outfit Anna Wintour Wouldn't Let Her Wear

Madonna posted this censored picture of what she supposedly planned to wear to tonight's Met Gala until it was nixed by Vogue editor Anna Wintour. » 5/05/14 11:21pm 5/05/14 11:21pm