BBC Apologizes For Shitty Thing It Said About Bartoli And Her Dad

Today, gentlemen, we were reminded why we lug our reputations as troglodytes well into the 21st century. A woman named Marion Bartoli proved athletic enough to win a singles title at Wimbledon and was thereupon described to BBC Radio 5 listeners as something other than "a looker." Because, you see, it is not enough to… » 7/07/13 12:30pm 7/07/13 12:30pm

Chelsea Handler On Her Abortion: "These Are Things People Shouldn't Be…

In an interview in which she ranted about reality shows, Chelsea Handler revealed that she had an abortion when she was a teenager. "We need to be focusing on other things," she told the New York Times. "We're seeking out such grossness in human behavior and want such mindless entertainment. The Real Housewives of… » 5/25/11 9:00am 5/25/11 9:00am

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A Is For Anna: What My First Name Says About Me

Welcome to The Name Game, in which we bring totally unscientific analysis to bear on popular American names. To kick off this new feature, I'm starting with a name about which both I and my boss are completely unbiased: Anna. » 8/21/09 2:20pm 8/21/09 2:20pm

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Anna Kournikova Kicks Jimmy Fallon's Ass In Beer Pong

Despite the fact that tennis star Anna Kournikova had never played beer pong — she says because she didn't go to college — she ended up winning. Kournikova had root beer in her cup, by the by. » 3/27/09 12:30pm 3/27/09 12:30pm

Madonna Raises PETA's Hackles, Maybe Gets A New Clothing Line