Crystal Renn Wasn't Trying To 'Look Asian' In That Eye Tape Shoot

Recently, a Japanese Vogue spread for which Crystal Renn had taped her temples garnered a lot of controversy when a behind-the-scenes video showed the tape (which didn't appear in the final spread thanks to the magic of Photoshop). Given fashion spreads that glorify or reference blackface have become common in… » 9/07/11 5:20pm 9/07/11 5:20pm

Anna Dello Russo Would Like To Take A (Fashion) Shower With You

So, this is Vogue Japan fashion editor Anna Dello Russo's first dance single. In it, she wears Dsquared2 ice-skate heels, does yoga poses, and tells an imaginary viewer, "You need a fashion shower. Why? Because I love it." Music (and back-up dancing) provided by some little dude named Radio Deejay UPDATE: the guy's… » 5/23/11 7:15pm 5/23/11 7:15pm