Ann Taylor LOFT Says They Only Photoshopped a Tattoo Off of Model

In an email to Jezebel, a spokeswoman for Ann Taylor LOFT says that a very uncomfortable looking photo of a model in a bikini on their website was only "minimally retouched" and that any reason it might have looked overly photoshopped was actually just because the model was standing "an awkward angle." » 5/22/14 3:00pm 5/22/14 3:00pm

Be Different at Work But Not Too Different Because You Just Can't Win

Ready to feel even more paranoid about your work wardrobe? Turns out giving zero fucks about conforming in the workplace can have a social upside—but only if you deviate in precisely the right ways. » 3/19/14 6:12pm 3/19/14 6:12pm

Attention, Blind Shoppers: Ann Taylor Store Wants You and Your Service…

In a politically incorrect twist on the infamous shopping scene from Pretty Woman, a legally blind shopper was barred from shopping at a Salt Lake City area Ann Taylor last weekend because she had a dog with her, even after she explained that she was dependent on the service animal to get around. » 6/20/12 10:50am 6/20/12 10:50am

Demi Moore Is The Face Of Ann Taylor

Demi Moore is returning as the face of Ann Taylor for the holiday season. Her forthcoming ads were shot by Norman Jean Roy, and although they show the actress in a snowy forest, they were created at a Los Angeles photo studio. Moore had no comment about her marriage to Ashton Kutcher, which is obviously all the… » 10/12/11 12:30pm 10/12/11 12:30pm

What Happened To Ashley Greene's Neck?

Katie Holmes, Face Of Ann Taylor, Coming To A Billboard Near You

The Best Of The Year's Worst Photoshops

There were literally dozens of oddly digitally altered models and celebrities this year, with a swipe of the mouse resulting in wonky elbows, whittled waists, new hands and unnaturally lightened skin. Here we have the very worst. » 12/24/10 2:08pm 12/24/10 2:08pm

Dolce & Gabbana's Tax Evasion Case Is Getting Serious

Crystal Renn Does An Ad For Chanel

Paris's Hairy Lawsuit

Ann Taylor: "We Agree Our Retouching Has Been Overzealous"

After Ann Taylor's second very public Photoshop disaster in recent months, we were left with so many questions. How could this happen? Who's responsible? Does Ann Taylor really think these images sell clothes? Spokeswoman Julie Fredrickson was happy to talk. » 8/05/10 3:25pm 8/05/10 3:25pm

Ann Taylor Mistakenly Reveals Their Photoshop Process [Updated]

Remember how Ann Taylor promised to "feature more real, beautiful images" after turning models into Stretch Armstrong dolls on its website? Well, they've started by adding some unretouched thumbnails that transform into ribless monstrosities when you click them. » 8/03/10 4:45pm 8/03/10 4:45pm

Angelina's Lack Of Glamour Triggers Mag Meltdown

Ellen & Rihanna Rule Advertising; Wintour Gets Lift Down Stairs At Som…

LOFT Uses Its Employees As Models On Facebook

After commenters complained that cargo pants posted on LOFT's Facebook page only look good on tall, thin models, the company responded by posting photos of Ann Taylor employees sizes 2 through 12 and 5′3″ to 5′10″ tall. [Mashable] » 6/18/10 5:40pm 6/18/10 5:40pm

Evan Rachel Wood Gets Gucci; Noémie Lenoir Returns To Work

McQueen Names New Designer; Gaultier Out At Hermès

Ann Taylor Apologizes For Photoshop Horror

After we noticed Ann Taylor's art department got trigger-happy with the vector tool, the airbrush tool, the liquify tool, and probably 84 other tools in the Photoshop toolbox, we hardly expected any response. But today, the company is apologizing. » 5/26/10 2:20pm 5/26/10 2:20pm

Ann Taylor's Photoshop Insanity

So it looks like Ralph Lauren is not the only company whose art department studied at the Gumby School Of Photoshop For People Who Like To Make Women Look Weird. Ann Taylor apparently also employs a number of graduates. » 5/24/10 3:00pm 5/24/10 3:00pm

Chanel's Resort Extravaganza; Model In Critical Condition Following Car…