The Difference Between Sexiness and Sleaziness in Superhero Comics

Greetings, my pernicious pen partners! I actually had thought that I’d be able to have a “Postal Apocalypse” last week during Comic-Con. Comic-Con had other plans that involved me working 14-hour days and sobbing hysterically at my desk, begging for the sweet release of death. But I’m better now! So on with your… »7/16/15 4:18pm7/16/15 4:18pm


10 Reasons Why Everyone But Sailor Moon Knows Tuxedo Mask Sucks


Whether you call her Usagi or Serena and him Mamoru or Darien, the love between Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask is one of anime's most celebrated romances. This is despite the fact that Tuxedo Mask sucks. Yes, Sailor Moon's dashing "hero" is in fact a terrible person, and here are 10 reasons why. »11/17/14 2:39pm11/17/14 2:39pm

Convention Season Is Coming: Here's How to Talk to Women Cosplayers

Put together by Aussie cosplayers Ardella, Eve, and Kitty, this is a fun video guide on how to talk to women wearing costumes at conventions. While you might think that's something most folks already know because we have brains and hearts, some people don't know how to fully operate all their equipment yet. It's… »12/30/12 8:30pm12/30/12 8:30pm

Anime Convention Bizarrely Offers Established Cosplayer a Stripper Gig in Exchange for $200 and Snacks

Ginny McQueen, a costumer of 14 years who works full-time as Director of New Media for, the largest cosplay website on the internet, recently received a proposal from an anime convention in Las Vegas offering her $200, snacks, and two free tickets in exchange for a "live burlesque performance" that would… »8/09/12 2:20pm8/09/12 2:20pm

Just Let the Shut-Ins Bang Their Virtual Girlfriends in Peace

Did you know that the word "technology" comes from the Greek root "technos," which means "a neverending font of new ways to masturbate" and the sub-root "logis," which means "the kids are fucked"? It's true! And the good folks at Microsoft have led us to yet another new way to stunt and corrupt future generations: an… »7/10/12 2:40pm7/10/12 2:40pm

Meet Tofu Boy, China's Answer To SpongeBob Squarepants

Quick, name an animated Chinese movie for kids! No answer? Exactly. Chinese animators have long remained in the shadows of Japanese anime and gigantic American companies like Disney and Pixar. But Variety reports that the Dean of Beijing's Film Academy, Sun Lijun, is hoping to put Chinese animation on the map with … »10/18/11 4:45pm10/18/11 4:45pm