Hundreds of Hungry Sea Lion Pups Wash Up on California Beaches

Since January, over 1,450 sea lions have been found stranded on California beaches, crowding rescue centers past capacity and worrying animal experts, The New York Times reports. According to researchers, this is 5 times greater than the historical average. » 3/15/15 11:19am 3/15/15 11:19am

TSA Agent Finds Naughty Little Doggie in Checked Bag

Westminster Dog Retires to Breed. Why Can't Bitches Have It All?

Miss P is a four-year-old beagle from British Colombia—a fully grown adult, by dog standards. On Tuesday, she won the top honor in her field, the Westminster Dog Award for Best in Show. A legacy attendee—her granduncle, Uno, won the prize in 2005—Miss P was considered an outlier nonetheless, and statistically speaking… » 2/18/15 3:15pm 2/18/15 3:15pm

What The Animal Kingdom Really Thinks About Women's Makeup

It's a well-known secret that men hate it when we wear makeup and/or outwardly express our personalities. It's documented here, here and here. Have you ever considered the equally relevant opinion of barn animals? Animals of the wild? Household pets? We asked around and found out what they really think about your… » 2/05/15 5:20pm 2/05/15 5:20pm

Jackrabbits Take Over North Dakota Development, Breed Uncontrollably

Some Jackrabbits finally decided to live up to their name and multiply all over one North Dakota Development. At first the jackrabbits were welcome. "Right away I thought they were real cute," said one resident. "And now they're becoming a big nuisance," she said of the 40 to 50 jackrabbits she sees running across her… » 2/03/15 10:10am 2/03/15 10:10am

Hey, Assholes: You Do Not Need an Exotic Animal at Your Wedding

Face-numbing, giddy breathlessness tends to be a key feature in the discovery of any wedding trend. The more expensive and bubbleheaded the supposed "craze," the more likely you'll find yourself in a state of paralysis, dazed by the stupidity of it all. I regret to inform you that today is no exception. » 12/22/14 2:32pm 12/22/14 2:32pm

10 Animals That Trade Sex For Favors

Humans didn't invent the idea of combining sex and commerce. Plenty of animals are willing to mate, but only if the price is right. Here are 10 animals who will offer sex for reasons other than just preserving the species. » 12/19/14 2:28pm 12/19/14 2:28pm

Why House Cats Generally Don't Care (About You)

House cats often appear aloof and indifferent toward their human companions. But it's not just an act — they actually don't care. A recent study of the domestic cat genome reveals why. » 11/28/14 7:06pm 11/28/14 7:06pm

BREAKING: Here's Uncensored Video of Seal-on-Penguin Copulation

Scientists have just returned from studying king penguins and they've learned quite a bit. In fact, they brought you a souvenir video. Please enjoy this lesson about the seals and the penguins. (And how incredibly cruel the animal kingdom can be and also feel inspired to do something different tomorrow; something that… » 11/17/14 9:00pm 11/17/14 9:00pm

When Owls Attack!: Watch The View's Nicolle Wallace Tuck and Roll

Nicolle Wallace, co-host of The View, earned her pay check on Friday when she rolled off a couch while interviewing an animal keeper and his stank-eyed owl. Her self-admitted fear of birds overruled her common sense and she screamed after the bird was gone. It was the most interesting moment on the morning show in… » 11/14/14 1:10pm 11/14/14 1:10pm

Jerk Mails Fifteen Baby Chicks to Ex, Ex Tries to Dump Them in Trash

A mail carrier helped save the lives of fifteen baby chicks after they were shipped by a man to his ex-girlfriend. » 11/11/14 12:30pm 11/11/14 12:30pm

When Do You Put Down the Family Pet?

I cannot tell a lie: I read Dear Prudence to feel smug and get outraged at the ridiculous people who write in. But today's column, which featured a question about "tabby termination" (you can't be tasteful all the time) was more heartbreaking than anger-inducing. When do you put down a beloved pet? » 11/10/14 11:30pm 11/10/14 11:30pm

Thousands Watch As Mama Bear Tries to Rescue Her Baby From a Dumpster

There is a mama and baby bear running amok in Pasadena. The trouble started when her cub hopped in a trash can while probably rummaging for snacks and got stuck. Now there’s a live feed of bear shenanigans on local Southern California news. Hard news, people. » 10/16/14 1:05pm 10/16/14 1:05pm

Cats Try to Sell You a Phone Using Poor Spelling And Adorable Sweaters

These cats would like to sell you a cell phone while wearing an adorable button-up shirt and a cable knit cardigan. I am not kidding. » 9/22/14 6:15pm 9/22/14 6:15pm

Holy Shit Baby Antarctic Fur Seals Are Fucking Cute as Hell

This morning, National Geographic uploaded a photo of a baby Antarctic fur seal and it is the cutest motherfucking thing I've ever fucking seen. » 9/10/14 1:40pm 9/10/14 1:40pm

Lady Finds Eggs of World's Most Poisonous Spider In Groceries

I did your week's grocery shopping, wasn't that nice of me? Reach inside this bag and see what delicious treats I've bought you! PSYCH. The bag is actually full of venomous spiders and now you're dead! I really got you, huh? » 9/09/14 7:15pm 9/09/14 7:15pm