SeaWorld San Diego to 'Phase Out' Current Orca Show, Replace With More 'Natural' Show

The good news: SeaWorld announced on Monday that its San Diego park will phase out their killer whale show by 2017. The bad news: those same orcas will continue to perform in a similarly shitty but vigorously re-branded version of the current show, with “experiences that look more natural in the environment.” Oh, word? »11/09/15 6:15pm11/09/15 6:15pm

This Dog Whose Food Obsession Cost His Owners $37,000 Is Inspiring

Being a dog is already pretty great: Free food and drink, an entire world to shit on, and just hours of nothing to do but take naps and then lazily lick your privates. And then there’s Rollo, a dog who’s taken dogging to such a new level that his owners had to drop $37,000 on house renovations to keep him away from… »9/29/15 3:45pm9/29/15 3:45pm

This Clip of British Babies Chilling With Elephant Babies Is Really Too Much

In a clip from an episode of BBC’s This Wild Life, which follows wildlife expert Saba Douglas-Hamilton and her family’s move to the Samburu National Reserve in Kenya (sort of an IRL The Wild Thornberrys), Saba and her young kids hang out with Sokotei, a recently orphaned baby elephant, at an orphanage in Nairobi. »9/04/15 2:30pm9/04/15 2:30pm

'Dog Flipping' Is the Hottest New Crime Trend

Last December, a Yorkshire terrier named Sushi ran away from her Houston home and popped up not in a “Missing Dog” sign, but rather for sale online. Sushi’s not alone—the pup’s part of a wave of pets that have been kidnapped and resold on Craigslist and other sites, either back to their owners or others. It’s like … »7/21/15 7:30pm7/21/15 7:30pm