Woman Fights To Keep Injured Therapy Kangaroo

An Oklahoma woman is seeking an exemption from the Broken Arrow City Council to keep her therapeutic pet, even though there's a small possibility that he'll grow to more than 7-feet tall and become violent. Christie Carr, who suffers from depression, developed a bond with Irwin, a baby kangaroo, after he ran into a… » 4/03/11 8:58pm 4/03/11 8:58pm

There Are More Tigers On The Loose, And That's Good News

In the largest tiger count ever undertaken, officials determined that India's tiger population has increased by 225 since 2007. The number doesn't sound very significant, but there are only 1,706 big cats in in India. This shows that conservationists' efforts to bring the animals back from the brink of extinction are… » 3/29/11 8:33pm 3/29/11 8:33pm