Mother’s Day for Orangutans Is Like an Ironic Independence Day

Orangutan offspring stay really attached to their mothers for a really long time, which could have something to do with the terrifying long arms that adult orangutans use to pull their babies back whenever they wander too far. In other words, orangutan moms are kind of a big deal in the animal kingdom, which is… »5/13/12 4:00pm5/13/12 4:00pm

Sunday Shiver: Isn’t Anyone Worried About How Smart Monkeys Are?

Dude, monkeys are smart. Is anyone keeping a really close eye on them? We make fun of them all the time and dress them up in funny outfits, but it's not funny — they have hands. Cats don't take shit from anyone and this monkey is making this cat look like a big stupidface. Any animal that can make cats look dumb is… »4/15/12 6:45pm4/15/12 6:45pm