4-Year-Old Reviews Fancy Restaurant Adults Would Kill to Get Into

Have you ever seen anything more hilarious than a tiny child who is not old enough to appreciate fine dining be subjected to the classiest food and service available? I haven't, but that's because I don't get out a lot. And because there is nothing funnier than a four-year-old who can't read a menu. Well, maybe a… »10/30/14 3:15pm10/30/14 3:15pm

Tennis Ball Is This Corgi Puppy's Version of Gatsby's Green Light

Oh, hello, Tiny Corgi. I see you on your hero's journey. We all have a metaphorical tennis ball in our lives: one that enraptures and terrifies us, one that forces us to lock horns with ourselves but ultimately come out better. Stronger. Fuck that tennis ball up for US ALL, Tiny Corgi. Then—and only then—will you… »3/09/13 4:00pm3/09/13 4:00pm

Sea Turtle With Prosthetic Limbs Finds Joy Again, and So Can You!

Maybe "joy" is overstating it, since having your front limbs mauled by sharks is a tough thing to get over. But thanks to the perseverance of a group of researchers at the University of Tokyo, loggerhead sea turtle Yu Chan can swim again after a shark attack. 27 prosthesis models later (see? Perseverance), she's… »2/22/13 6:45pm2/22/13 6:45pm

Dogs Are So Sweet That They Get Upset Even When Strangers Cry

Most dog owners will tell you their dog does not like it one bit when they cry, but did you know that it also bugs the sensitive little creatures when people they don't even know are crying? Yes, that is how freaking sweet and squeezably lovable dogs are. Dr. Deborah Custance and Jennifer Mayer, psychologists at the… »6/10/12 9:45pm6/10/12 9:45pm

Doggie Nail Art: A Fun New Way to Make Sure Your Dog Hates You

If you thought the nail art trend for humans was getting out of hand, what with duckfeet and all, then you'll really be unhappy to learn that people are getting all artsy on their dogs' nails too. (Obviously they're not doing this to cats because, hah, like any cat is dumb enough to let you paint the logo of your… »5/24/12 10:00pm5/24/12 10:00pm

Vegan Group Stupidly Demands Obama to Stop Eating Delicious Food in Public

We should never let a moment pass in which we're not scrutinizing something the President is doing, so thankfully the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) has just stepped forward to publicly declare that they'd like Obama to watch what he eats when he's in front of the camera. Ulka Agarwal, chief… »5/11/12 10:20am5/11/12 10:20am

The Art of the Hate-Kiss, as Perfected by a Small Canine

On the one hand, your pet can't help but explode with excitement whenever they see you because you are the most wonderful person. On the other hand, they deeply resent you for not spending your every waking moment giving them belly rubs, handing them a constant stream of treats, and walking them all at the same… »5/01/12 12:20pm5/01/12 12:20pm

Watching This Puppy Get Rescued from a Drain Pipe Will Make You Jump for Joy

Dog rescue videos can be nerve-wracking for any animal lover, but I promise you watching this one will be worth it. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and it is the tiniest puppy. Just be sure to secure your electronic device in advance because you might start jumping up and down when the little guy finally… »2/12/12 11:55pm2/12/12 11:55pm