Study That Says Women Are Grumpy 10 Days a Year Can Fuck Itself

A new study from an English vitamin company has found that the average woman spends approximately 10 days a year in a "grumpy" mood. Well, either the ladies of the UK are the cheeriest bunch of broads you'll ever meet or this study is totally wack because most of the women I know are pissed-off for about 10 hours a… »9/22/14 1:00pm9/22/14 1:00pm

Men Use Anger as a Manipulative Tool to Get What They Want

New research found that men in competitive scenarios will deliberately anger their opponents if they think it will help them win. The UCSD study, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, explored the ways that emotions influence decision-making. Whatever you might think of emotional… »1/16/14 6:40pm1/16/14 6:40pm

Here's the Creepy Industrial Formula for Making 'Natural' Simply Orange Juice

You know Simply Orange? That juice that's like Tropicana but more simple? You know, from the earth? Well, turns out, it's not made by a snowy-haired grandpa in an orchard of yesteryear, or squeezed betwixt the toes of some poly-questioning hippies who canvas for medical marijuana in their free time, it's made by the… »2/01/13 7:00pm2/01/13 7:00pm

C'mon Get Angry: Repressing Your Emotions Can Take Years Off Your Life

If you're feeling lots of feelings, it's best to let them all out in a fiery display of emotional fireworks. That's my philosophy. Well, except when it comes to my family on Christmas day — then it's just ignore, denial, and LA LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU! Because if I didn't do those things, I'm afraid of what it… »12/25/12 11:15pm12/25/12 11:15pm

Indians Not Too Thrilled with Oprah’s Cliché-Riddled Series About India

Oprah's had a pretty rough run of it recently — her OWN network hasn't been doing too well and, as a result, tales of a behind-the-scenes power struggle with Rosie O'Donnell were spread far and wide by gossip troubadours. Now it seems that people are criticizing Oprah's journalistic integrity in light of her… »7/24/12 10:00am7/24/12 10:00am

Asshole Catholic League President Warns Rabbi to Keep His Jew Nose Out of Birth Control Debate

Every time perpetually apoplectic Catholic League President Bill Donohue does something batshit like send a hilariously impotent comic book villianesque letter to, say, Kraft foods urging them to stop advertising on The Daily Show because Bill Donohue is personally mad about a graphic that appeared in the background… »6/21/12 10:50am6/21/12 10:50am