Ultra Orthodox Newspaper Photoshops Angela Merkel Out of Paris March 

A haredi (ultra Orthodox) newspaper in Israel, not wishing to offend the eyeball modesty of its readership, photoshopped German Chancellor Angela Merkel out of a photo of a recent march in solidarity with the staff of Charlie Hebdo, where 12 people were recently murdered in a terrorist attack. Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo… »1/13/15 9:50am1/13/15 9:50am

Rival German Politician Says Angela Merkel Has It Super Easy Because She’s a Woman

It seems like it'd be pretty hard to be Angela Merkel, considering she has to constantly convince the German people that shouldering Spain's debt burden is way better than spending all those extra euros on, I dunno, a series of national indoor water parks. Or sausage factories, whatever, it's your money, Germany.… »12/30/12 5:45pm12/30/12 5:45pm

Forbes Determines that Angela Merkel Is the Most Powerful Woman on Earth

Forbes has released its list of world's 100 most powerful women, and, despite having a strong hand in what many Americans read over the summer, Oprah couldn't break into the top ten (she's glaring at those rarified ten from her perch at 11). Speaking of pop culture giants, J.K. Rowling is waaaay down the list at 78,… »8/22/12 9:15pm8/22/12 9:15pm

Are New Year's Weight Loss Resolutions Keeping Women Down?

It doesn't take a PhD in How Shit Works Studies to understand that the notion that any of us can really "have it all" is absurd. The perfect family, the perfect career, the perfect sex life, and the perfect body are all such demanding mistresses that unless we prioritize and choose one or two, we end up with none of… »1/24/12 6:30pm1/24/12 6:30pm

Berlusconi Said Something "Vulgar" About Angela Merkel's Body

And it embarrassed even the notoriously tasteless Daily Mail. The tabloid reports, "The alleged remarks — too vulgar to repeat but referred to sex and Mrs Merkel's physique — were picked up by investigators probing a £660,000 blackmail plot against Mr Berlusconi." He allegedly made them during the same phone call… »9/14/11 4:50pm9/14/11 4:50pm