Andy Richter and Others Take Over Macabre #HeavenIsForRealMovie

A cryptic series of tweets from the inspiration behind a new movie about the afterlife launched a rather hilarious Twitter frenzy late last night. » 4/23/14 3:45pm 4/23/14 3:45pm

Gwyneth Paltrow Joins Twitter

Today in Tweet Beat, Gwyneth "joins the 21st century" by posting a video to Twitter. Plus, Sarah Palin makes some rather ironic statements about immigrants. » 6/01/11 7:30pm 6/01/11 7:30pm

Coco Balances A Soda Can On Her Butt

Today in Tweet Beat, Coco posts a Thong Thursday picture in which she posts a soda can on her rear end. (Her mother was the photographer.) Plus, Oprah is spending the day today in her PJs. » 5/26/11 7:30pm 5/26/11 7:30pm

Glee's Chris Colfer Demonstrates The Art Of Ninja

Chris Colfer, aka Kurt from Glee, is a national treasure. He can sing, he can dance, he can take Andy Richter's eye out without even trying. » 11/30/10 2:15pm 11/30/10 2:15pm

Kim Kardashian Is Recording An Album

David Arquette Discusses Sex Life With Courteney Cox On Howard Stern

Andy Richer Slams NBC, Leno... And Human Breast Milk Cheese

Today Andy Richter guest co-hosted Regis & Kelly in his first appearance since leaving Conan O'Brien's Tonight Show. He used the opportunity to air his grievances against NBC and Leno, then chowed down on cheese made of human breast milk. » 3/09/10 3:40pm 3/09/10 3:40pm

Susan Boyle Hospitalized; Bruno Makes An Ass Of Eminem

What Can We Learn From Men Who Claim They Have "Learned"? (Hint: "That…

A few weeks ago, a talented writer named Emily Gould submitted a review of a "lad lit" anthology called Things I've Learned From Women Who've Dumped Me. The editor of the book is Daily Show/Colbert co-creator Ben Karlin. Wow! I thought upon reading the review. Men sure are jerks! In fact, I ventured further, maybe the… » 2/15/08 2:00pm 2/15/08 2:00pm