London Fashion Week: The Future of Menswear Is Feminine

Even if you consider yourself open-minded, some of the pieces from the Autumn/Winter mens' fashion week 2014 collections in London may give you pause. » 1/07/14 5:55pm 1/07/14 5:55pm

Meet Casey Legler, the Woman Who Works as a Male Model

When 6'2" artist Casey Legler speaks about her modeling career—her male modeling career—her focus is on self-expression and freedom rather than gender identity, and it's refreshing to see an exploration of androgyny that doesn't pry greedily into a model's personal life. Legler a gorgeous woman who also happens to… » 11/21/12 10:25am 11/21/12 10:25am

The Curious Case of Botswana’s Androgynous Lionesses

In my ongoing effort to bring back some stately British narration to documentaries about the African wilderness (I've also filmed and, shall we say, "dressed up" my cats as a panther and an ocelot, respectively, so I could build up a nice reel to send to Nat Geo, fingers crossed), we're going to take time out of the… » 10/28/12 12:00pm 10/28/12 12:00pm

Does This Ad Indicate a Future for Androgynous Male Models?

As our friends at Jalopnik have pointed out, this new Toyota ad currently airing in Japan features a tall blonde strutting across a showroom in high heels a pair of red bikini bottoms. So far, so much standard sex-sells bullshit. But when the model turns around, it becomes clear that he's not a woman but an… » 8/24/12 7:50pm 8/24/12 7:50pm

Andrej Pejic Doesn't Think Of Himself As A Man Or A Woman

Australian model Andrej Pejic is on one of the covers of New York's fall fashion issue. "In this society, if a man is called a woman, that's the biggest insult he could get," he tells the magazine. "Is that because women are considered something less?" Pejic appears topless on the cover, something which in the recent… » 8/15/11 1:20pm 8/15/11 1:20pm

James Franco Cross-Dresses For Transvestite Magazine Cover

James Franco is wearing red lipstick, blue eyeshadow and heart-shaped earrings on the cover of Candy — the first transversal style magazine. » 10/06/10 10:00am 10/06/10 10:00am

Androgynous Athletes Not Exactly "Revolutionizing" Beauty Standards

Let's play a super-fun drinking game! Take a shot every time we find another thing that's wrong with today's article on Baylor basketball star Brittney Griner and "changing standards of beauty." » 4/06/10 6:00pm 4/06/10 6:00pm

Candy's "Transversal Style" Looks Pretty Sweet

Presenting "the first fashion magazine ever completely dedicated to celebrating transvestism, transexuality, cross dressing and androgyny, in all its manifestations." That's Kelly Osbourne's boyfriend Luke Worrall on the cover. [Towleroad] » 11/13/09 5:40pm 11/13/09 5:40pm

Does Cutting Your Hair Mean You Don't Want Sex?

It's always amazing the questions people are willing to ask in public advice forums. In today's Guardian, a man writes in to the advice columnist to ask whether his wife's new short haircut indicates a subconscious distaste for sex — and, yes, their sex life is bad. Therapist Pamela Stephenson Connolly's advice is… » 12/04/08 2:00pm 12/04/08 2:00pm