Andrew Keegan, Cult Leader: 'Today, I'm Here to Activate High Vibes'

This week's issue of New York Magazine includes an interview with former teen heartthrob Andrew Keegan, who recently co-founded a "community spiritual center" called Full Circle. I've never been more jealous of a writer in my life. » 3/09/15 11:45am 3/09/15 11:45am

War Machine Has Been Caught and Arrested Near Los Angeles

Fugitive MMA fighter War Machine, who has been on the run for allegedly savagely beating ex-girlfriend Christy Mack last Friday, has finally been apprehended by police at a hotel in Simi Valley. He was reportedly in possession of "a pizza and a small amount of cash." Police also mentioned that they visited War… » 8/15/14 8:00pm 8/15/14 8:00pm

Johnny And Kate Make Holiday Plans, Jen And John Get Back Together, …