Andrea Peyser Thinks Romney Is the "True Feminist Candidate," Clearly…

Uh-oh, New York Post columnist and spiteful dickhead Andrea Peyser has a bone to pick with President Obama and a comment that he made during the first round of debates against Prez hopeful Mittly Von Ramen. Barack Obama, live on live television, called a woman "sweetie." Ewwww, I think we can all agree that this is… » 10/25/12 6:20pm 10/25/12 6:20pm

'NY Post' Columnist Basically Calls Foxy Brown A Nappy-Headed Ho

Believe us, we know all too well that Foxy Brown has been misbehaving for a long time, and recently, she's practically been compulsively violating the terms of her probation (stemming from an incident in which she slapped the crap out of two manicurists over a bill dispute). She's definitely earned her year-long stay… » 10/19/07 2:30pm 10/19/07 2:30pm

Nicole Richie Collapses Again, World Manages to Keep Turning Somehow

Over at Us Magazine, they report on Nicole Richie's latest 'collapse from exhaustion', and pretend they actually care, and they're not waiting for her to overdose and die because that would be a completely fucking great story and they'd totally pay, like, $40,000 for the exclusive rights to grainy photos of her corpse. » 3/05/07 6:06am 3/05/07 6:06am