Madeleine Albright Loved Her Waffle Date With Leslie Knope

In its final season, Parks & Recreation is really going for it—taking its humor and political heart as far as they both can stretch. Last night's double-header was one for the ages: in the first episode, "Mrs. Ludgate-Dwyer Goes to Washington," Leslie and April travel to DC to get some support for Leslie's… »2/11/15 3:06pm2/11/15 3:06pm


Hey Sen. Gillibrand, Andrea Mitchell, Who Are the Sketchy Congressmen?

Along with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s “porky” abuse from sketchy Congressmen, MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell added that there are just some “you’d not get in an elevator with.” Dude, who are these old men with a propensity for antiquated workplace sexual harassment? We don’t want to be in an elevator with them either!… »8/28/14 3:40pm8/28/14 3:40pm

MSNBC Cuts Off Congresswoman Mid-Sentence for Breaking Bieber News

America's longtime battle with Bieber fever has escalated to critical with yesterday's news of the pop star's arrest in Miami. Hence this video from Uproxx, in which MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell interrupts Congresswoman Jane Harman of California and her talk of the NSA's data collection practices with BREAKING NEWS from… »1/24/14 11:30am1/24/14 11:30am

Conservatives Silenced by Irony: Fox May Produce Hillary TV Movie

The GOP faithful, ever ready to storm the moral high ground and erect a glittering, priapistic citadel, jumped all over NBC’s yet-to-be-scripted Hillary Clinton teleplay like a gaggle of magpies who’ve caught a glimpse of a shiny Cracker Jack ring. “Aha, liberal scum!” cried RNC Reince Priebus, wearing his ceremonial… »8/11/13 3:00pm8/11/13 3:00pm

Santorum Backer's Idea of Birth Control: Sluts Should Keep their Legs Closed

Foster Friess, who is the main donor to the SuperPAC propping up Rick Santorum's Presidential run, appeared on MSNBC with Andrea Mitchell today, where he offered some great, cheap birth control advice for "the gals" out there— keep your legs closed, whores. If you had suspected that Rick Santorum's financial backers… »2/16/12 4:10pm2/16/12 4:10pm

Karen Handel Goes on Fox News to Confirm Why We Should Stop Supporting Komen

Yesterday Karen Handel, the ink barely dry on her resignation from Susan G. Komen for the Cure, appeared on Megyn Kelly's Fox News show for her first post-quitting interview. She wants America to know that she didn't act alone in pushing for Planned Parenthood's defunding, that several members of the board colluded… »2/08/12 4:40pm2/08/12 4:40pm

Breast-Cancer Survivor Andrea Mitchell Takes Komen CEO to Task

Today, Susan B. Komen CEO Nancy Brinker stopped by Andrea Mitchell Reports to defend her organization's recent decision to review the funding of Planned Parenthood. What ended up happening was Andrea Mitchell, a survivor of breast cancer herself, completely schooling Brinker on where she and her foundation went… »2/02/12 6:01pm2/02/12 6:01pm

Why Women Today Should Like It When Their Friends Bone Their Exes

The Barbara Walters memoir releaseathon is reminding us of something we'll pretend we knew before, since it's exactly the sort of frivolous miscellany our brains would absorb for a few weeks before trying in vain to replace it with the name of the Burmese military dictator: Barbara Walters used to bone Alan Greenspan. »5/06/08 12:00pm5/06/08 12:00pm