#VogueArticles Hashtag Spanks Magazine Over Incorrect Butt History

Hell hath no fury like Black Twitter scorned, but this time Vogue was really asking for it. In response to the fashion bible's daft article this week about butts becoming en vogue thanks to white people's interest in them, the sarcastic hashtag #voguearticles exploded. If André Leon Talley isn't there to teach the… »9/12/14 5:20pm9/12/14 5:20pm

Oprah, Tight Trousers and a Mustard Caftan at The Butler Premiere

Last night was the New York premiere of The Butler, the Lee Daniels film about a long-term African-American employee at the White House. Fun fact: The script was written by Danny Strong, aka Jonathan on Buffy and Doyle on Gilmore Girls. But this is a red carpet fashion post and we're here for the clothes, so let's… »8/06/13 2:10pm8/06/13 2:10pm

Sarah Jessica Parker's Feet Are Busted From Years of Sex and The City Heels

The dark sides of being Carrie Bradshaw, one can easily imagine, are as long as a grocery list: contributing to the materialistic culture of Manhattan! Perpetuating unrealistic standards of romance! Not being able to go to a bar in New York (Midtown or Murray Hill especially) without women bum-rushing you! Et cetera. »3/09/13 11:30am3/09/13 11:30am

Quvenzhané Wallis Adorably Stymies Vogue's Attempts to Talk Fashion

"Ooooooh," says a chastened-sounding Quvenzhané Wallis in this interview. "I forgot to do my homework today!" Vogue's André Leon Talley sat down with the youngest-ever Academy Award nominee and attempted repeatedly to get her to talk about fashion. "Is pink your favorite color?" he asks. "Do you think you're going… »1/15/13 12:30pm1/15/13 12:30pm

Spanish Art and Spanish Dress Come Together Quite Nicely

On display now at the Queen Sofia Spanish Institute museum in Manhattan is the show "Joaquin Sorolla and the Glory of Spanish Dress," which was conceived by designer Oscar de la Renta and curated by Vogue's André Leon Talley. Last night, the two spoke about the genesis of the exhibition, and how they managed to track… »1/18/12 9:45pm1/18/12 9:45pm

Particularly Spazzy Tyra Teaches You To Walk In Heels

Do you want to spend five minutes of your life watching André Leon Talley sit Tyra Banks on his knee and talk in goofy voices about stilettos? Of course you do. Talley offers a brief history of high-heeled footwear, while Tyra bops around sharing tips for how to walk in heels and how to make them slightly less fucking… »4/21/11 3:47pm4/21/11 3:47pm