Rick Santorum Uses Mandela's Death To Compare Obamacare to Apartheid

Rick Santorum threw in his two cents on Nelson Mandela's life and works yesterday when he told Bill O'Reilly that just as Mandela fought apartheid, so too does Rick Santorum fight Obamacare. Hoo boy. No. No, Rick Santorum. Obamacare is not like apartheid. That is not how analogies work. Not liking a thing doesn't… »12/06/13 1:20pm12/06/13 1:20pm

Rick Santorum's Campaign Was So Unbelievably Bad

After several months of fruitless fighting and terrifying campaigning, America's gentle, besweatered hatemonger Rick Santorum has announced he's aborting his bid for President. It seems the best way to deal with the Santorum campaign in death is the way we dealt with it in life: like it was all one terrible, drawn-out… »4/10/12 3:40pm4/10/12 3:40pm