The View Could Very Likely Hire a Politically-Minded Woman of Color

If you’ve been watching The View lately, you’ve seen a lot of new faces. Eventually, one of those faces will be permanent (for awhile, anyway). And what the producers are looking for appears to actually be what it’s been rumored they’re looking for: a woman of color who may or may not be a conservative but is… »8/07/14 6:15pm8/07/14 6:15pm

Sane Republicans Exist, and They Need to Make Their Party See the Rainbow Writing on the Wall

Some Republicans are having a change of heart about same-sex marriage — not tons, and not even a remarkable amount, but a few are. Last week, GOP Senator Rob Portman, citing influence from his gay son, said "I now believe that [gay] people ought to have the right to get married." He joined GOP members of the House… »3/22/13 11:40am3/22/13 11:40am