Kardashian World Fashion Takeover Proceeding According To Plans

Teacher Punished For Showering With Students

A Welsh teacher is accused of an inappropriate relationship with her female students, after she gave them presents, texted them, and took a shower with them. » 11/04/10 9:35am 11/04/10 9:35am

Prostitute-Turned-Teacher Offered Chance To Pose Nude

High Society has offered Melissa Petro, the former prostitute recently removed from her Bronx teaching job, $60,000 to pose nude. They claim it's a statement against Mayor Bloomberg: "We thought he really undressed her by taking away her job." » 10/07/10 10:59am 10/07/10 10:59am

Teacher Unjustly Punished For Revealing Her Sex-Work Past

An elementary school teacher has been reassigned for publicly revealing her past as a stripper and prostitute. Does this confirm her claim that society is afraid of sex workers? » 9/27/10 9:34am 9/27/10 9:34am

Carey Mulligan Told "Marry A Banker" Rather Than Act

Strangely enough, when Carey Mulligan isn't posing for the goons at Vogue, she can look quite lovely. And has some interesting things to say! Wonderland and Interview buttonnhole the actress on Shia LaBoeuf, acting, and why awards season is "scary." » 4/12/10 7:20pm 4/12/10 7:20pm

An Education Director Lone Scherfig Prefers Leading Men

"In all my films, the leading characters are men in their 30s.... Men are much more interesting to me because they're a different species. I've been more bored as a writer when I've written for women." [W] » 1/21/10 7:20pm 1/21/10 7:20pm

BAFTA Nominations Include Two Female Directors

The Hurt Locker's Kathryn Bigelow and An Education's Lone Scherfig are nominated, as Women & Hollywood points out. Both movies got eight nominations, as did.... Avatar. Jane Campion's Bright Star failed to find much favor (or, um, favour). [Guardian"] » 1/21/10 12:30pm 1/21/10 12:30pm