Watch Amy Sedaris and David Letterman Talk About His Dying Dog

Listening to people talk about their pets is normally very dull, but, Amy Sedaris and David Letterman managed to do just that on Monday night and charm the pants off everyone. Letterman has a new dog, which Amy found very weird, because he already has a dog (two is too many, apparently). All was revealed though:… »11/25/14 9:50am11/25/14 9:50am

Sharing Someone Else's Pain: A Question of Tact via David Sedaris

David Sedaris penned a fantastic piece in The New Yorker about the suicide death of his youngest sister, Tiffany. In it, he talks about Tiffany's slow descent into depression by way of horrific living conditions and mental illness. This is framed, interestingly, by a family vacation he paid for shortly after her death. »10/21/13 9:00pm10/21/13 9:00pm

Amy Sedaris Teaches Us How to Make Edible Cat Litter

Have you ever looked into a cat's litter box and thought, "Sure, cat litter is great, but why can't it be more edible?!"? I haven't, but rather than attributing this to the fact that eating cat litter is absolutely revolting, I'll blame my oversight on my not being much of a cat person. Maybe this is something you… »9/13/13 1:10pm9/13/13 1:10pm

Amy Sedaris Is the Best Worst Babysitter You'll Ever Hire

Let's pretend you live in a world where you're best friends with Amy Sedaris. You and Amy are so close that when you finally have a child, she is the natural choice for the baby's godmother. One night, you and your spouse decide to go out to dinner and ask your good friend Amy to watch your kid. She agrees and then,… »8/27/13 12:20pm8/27/13 12:20pm

How To Cook Hot Dogs On A Rake, Courtesy Of Amy Sedaris

Thank goodness that Amy Sedaris was on Late Night last night, or we wouldn't have been blessed with the best way to grill up hot dogs for our holiday picnics this weekend. But as she demonstrates with Jimmy Fallon and Will Forte, the process could wind up turning into a sexually-charged, penis-joke gigglefest — not… »8/31/11 1:40pm8/31/11 1:40pm