Inside Amy Schumer To Men: 'Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Don't Rape'

Inside Amy Schumer began its third season with a brilliant Friday Night Lights parody that just happened to be about rape. In it, the new coach of a small town football team (Josh Charles) and his wine-loving wife (Schumer) become hated by their new neighbors because of Coach’s efforts to crack down on his football… » 4/22/15 9:20am Wednesday 9:20am

Amy Schumer Threatened David Letterman With Her Vagina 

Amy Schumer visited The Late Show With David Letterman last night to tell some jokes and to announce that Inside Amy Schumer (which just won a Peabody Award) has been renewed for a fourth season. Schumer threatened to flash the momentarily terrified host her vagina, shared her mom’s awful bumper sticker advice,… » 4/21/15 10:50am 4/21/15 10:50am

Lots of Leg and Lots of Dads at the MTV Movie Awards 

The 2015 MTV Movie Awards aired last night, terribly timed to the premiere of Game of Thrones. Judging from the red carpet alone, it really lived up to its reputation as the obnoxious, lazy, basic baby sibling of the awards show family. This year's red carpet was a little subdued, featuring lame styling—not outright… » 4/13/15 4:30pm 4/13/15 4:30pm

Amy Schumer Is Nude and Covered In Trash On the Cover of EW

Amy Schumer is now eligible to join the Comedy Central Amys Who’ve Gotten Naked In Piles Of Things People Normally Aren’t Naked In club after covering Entertainment Weekly in this American Beauty-inspired cover. She’s called “comedy’s funny, filthy, fearless new voice,” and can be seen chilling in a pile of tiny… » 4/02/15 5:20pm 4/02/15 5:20pm

Amy Schumer Just Wants to Play Herself But Hollywood Won't Let Her, Yo

Amy Schumer is famous for her no-bullshit approach to comedy and, on Sunday, she brought her wit to Comedy Central's Night of Too Many Stars—where she talked about Hollywood's weird body image issues. It seems she wrote herself a movie called Trainwreck and then was encouraged to starve herself to play the lead part… » 3/09/15 6:40pm 3/09/15 6:40pm