Teen Vogue Will Never Pledge to Promote 'Beauty in All Forms' Because…

Now that Seventeen Magazine has listened to its readers and promised not to alter the faces or bodies of their models and "celebrate diverse beauty," teenage activists are setting their sights on Teen Vogue. But the second most popular teen magazine has made it clear that it doesn't care about being accessible. It's… » 7/13/12 4:10pm 7/13/12 4:10pm

Girls Ask Teen Vogue to Ditch Photoshop, Get Berated by Editor-in-Chief

After 14-year-old Julia Bluhm delivered 25,000 signatures on a petition to ban Photoshop from Seventeen magazine, the editors promised not to alter girls' faces or bodies, but didn't outright agree to stop Photoshopping its models and celebrity subjects — and they did not commit to publishing any unretouched photo… » 7/12/12 2:25pm 7/12/12 2:25pm

Black And White And Schmancy All Over

Was there a dress code? Or do stars just hear "CHANEL Tribeca Film Festival Artists Dinner" and assume through long practice that it's an occasion for black and white? » 4/26/11 10:35am 4/26/11 10:35am

Julia Restoin-Roitfeld has chic in her genes. And, um, her clothes. Naomi Watts pulls off this kinda-mod, kinda-90s sheath. Whether she can sit…

"Calvin Klein, Go Back In The Closet!"

Zoolander Sequel Really, Really, Really Happening

Snowpocalypse Spells Chaos For Fashion Week; Running Shoe Adjusts To…

H&M Sold Lead-Laden Bags; ANTM Winner Books McQueen Campaign

Teen Dreams — And Nightmares — At Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party

The 7th annual Teen Vogue Young Hollywood party, held in L.A. on Friday, saw stars like Kelly Osbourne, Ashley Tisdale and 90210's AnnaLynn McCord sporting ensembles good, bad, and, yes, incredibly ugly. » 9/28/09 10:30am 9/28/09 10:30am

Fashion Jobs Are Not All They're Cracked Up To Be

Young women are lured by "glamorous" careers; Teen Vogue wants to help! Hence The Teen Vogue Handbook, a "how-to guide for students dreaming of jobs as a designer, stylist, photographer or editor." Except designers are going bankrupt. Magazines are folding. » 9/10/09 11:30am 9/10/09 11:30am

To Splurge, Or To Steal? For Teen Vogue, There Is No Question

Pretty much every women's fashion magazine these days seems to have a Splurge vs. Steal feature, in which ensembles featured on the catwalks of Milan and New York are interpreted for the purposes of so-called "real life." But leave it to Teen Vogue to put its own special spin on this idea! See, for the readership of… » 7/02/08 3:30pm 7/02/08 3:30pm

Teen Vogue Gives Summer Olympians A Sliiight Makeover

Although we were so very heartened to see Teen Vogue editor Amy Astley take the evil fashion industry to task for perpetuating unrealistic body ideals on the Today show, we admit we were skeptical! Just how was this new focus on health going to manifest itself in the pages of her theretofore anorex-positive magazine,… » 6/09/08 2:00pm 6/09/08 2:00pm

Alexandra Michael Is About 28 Pounds Too Fat For Modeling

We used to play a little game called "Arm or Leg?" with the limbs of some of the models in Teen Vogue. (Such as this one.) But today on the Today show, Teen Vogue editor-in-chief Amy Astley announced the magazine's pro-ana days are over. Astley was moved by the story of 17-year-old model Alexandra Michael, who joined… » 5/14/08 1:00pm 5/14/08 1:00pm

Teen Vogue's Amy Astley Resolves To Stop Consuming The Mindsquelching…

"People Move On To Coke, Starting At About Fifteen. It's At Every Party…

"This," says Chloe, sitting on a mahogany bench and looking around the expansive marble and brass-accented lobby, "this is how we live." That's the last line of "Drinking Diaries," a story in next month's Teen Vogue, in which Eva Chen goes drinking with high schoolers in San Francisco and New York and, well, I would… » 11/20/07 4:20pm 11/20/07 4:20pm

Teen Vogue Message Boards: "I Gained Alot Of Weight Over The Summer.…

It has long saddened me that I was never granted entrance to VIP threads of RingsWorld, the New York Times of pro-ana message boards, but you know what they say: "information wants to be free," and no one ever said "except for the 'thinspiring' tales and laxative how-tos of a demented subculture of teenage girls who… » 11/15/07 3:00pm 11/15/07 3:00pm

The Hills: Escape From L.A.

On last night's episode, Whitney and Lauren left Cali and headed off to NYC to meet with Teen Vogue EIC Amy Astley. The big surprise when they got there was that Lauren was sent downtown to Marc Jacobs' design studio to help out with fittings for the Marc by Marc Jacobs Fashion Week show, and then the bitch actually… » 10/30/07 11:00am 10/30/07 11:00am

Does 'Teen Vogue' Editor Amy Astley Let Anna Wintour Sign Her Name For…

In September 2000 Amy Astley, then a beauty editor at Vogue, wrote a story about saying "ciao to hanging hair" and cutting a "chic, sleek bob." Know any other editor with a chic, sleek bob, folks? In short, Amy — now the editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue — takes her hairstyle cues from Anna Wintour, which is appropriate… » 8/13/07 11:00am 8/13/07 11:00am

Donatella To Costume The Spice Girls. Our Lives = Complete.

'Teen Vogue': Where Did It Go Wrong?

First they came for Jane, now they're killing Vibe Vixen — and what's this? Teen Vogue is next? But they try so very very hard to reach out to disenfranchised young girls! How could it possibly be failing? We consulted the August issue for clues. » 7/24/07 11:23am 7/24/07 11:23am

'Teen Vogue' Reverses Position On Food Consumption

Teen Vogue touts an interesting new pastime in next month's
issue: eating! Ohmygod, Why???? » 7/02/07 10:59am 7/02/07 10:59am

Hmmmm! We'd say we don't buy it, but if it took them two whole years to actually write about this study, maybe all that starving make people sluggish and lazy. Still paranoid? "Morning Anchor" (page 177) writer Jane Shin Park…