Title IX Network Takes Colleges to Task for Mishandling Rape Reports

On Thursday November 14, federal complaints were filed against both Vanderbilt and Amherst — two schools that have had highly-publicized, ghastly rape cases in the past year — alleging that the college administrations both mishandled reports of sexual assault and permitted a hostile sexual environment to flourish on… »11/19/13 2:00pm11/19/13 2:00pm

Amherst Helpfully Reminds Students To Protect Selves From Rapey Alumni

Let's all take a moment to thank various powerful messaging entities — online advice columnists whose names rhyme with Femily Foffe, evil-looking Fox News "legal experts" — for picking up the "stop getting raped" mantle and really running for the end zone with it and then spiking a football in rape victims' faces… »10/21/13 7:20pm10/21/13 7:20pm

Some Students Say Northwestern University Treats Rape Survivors Like Shit

Amherst student Angie Epifano's harrowing account of her on-campus rape and the administration's insensitive response struck a major chord with her peers, not only at Amherst but at colleges around the country. Inspired by Epifano's story — which goes to show how important it is to keep talking about rape on campus — »11/29/12 3:15pm11/29/12 3:15pm

'Hey, Why Are You Such a Slut?': More Amherst Rape Survivors Speak Out

Last week, former Amherst College student Angie Epifano's account of being raped on campus and subsequently ignored by the administration spread across the country. Now, Amherst's student advocates are making sure their peers and professors realize that a larger discussion about reshaping the college's sexual assault… »10/23/12 1:30pm10/23/12 1:30pm

Amherst Sweeps Sexual Assault Allegations Under the Rug

A former Amherst College student's account of being raped on campus — and the administration's contemptible response — is going viral on college campuses around the nation, so much so that the Amherst Student newspaper's website shut down for hours thanks to pageviews late last night. Some students at the elite… »10/18/12 11:40am10/18/12 11:40am