"She's Who Scout Finch Would Have Grown Up To Be, I Think"

I'd like to think so too. But regardless, this is a great read, including the very vibrant comment section, from whence the quote above comes. [Ta-Nehisi Coates/The Atlantic] » 5/25/10 10:20am 5/25/10 10:20am

Of Thee I Sing

April 9th marks the 70th anniversary of Marian Anderson's historic concert on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, the legendary contralto having been denied entrance to Constitution Hall by the D.A.R. [New Yorker] » 4/07/09 6:20pm 4/07/09 6:20pm

Annie Get Your Gun

As PBS' documentary Annie Oakley showed last night, the famed "Little Sure Shot" sharpshooter was a walking, heat-packing contradiction: an advocate of women's self-defense and equal pay, she also didn't believe in female suffrage. [PBS] » 4/07/09 12:45pm 4/07/09 12:45pm

Cereal Killer: Why Tony The Tiger Should Be On The $1 Dollar Bill

Cereal is such a major part of growing up American: I remember the realization, when I was a kid, that for people of prior generations, the distinctive dry crinkle of a cereal's plastic bag against the box, followed by the unmistakable rattle of flakes on bowl (all immediately recognizable from the next room) would… » 12/10/08 3:40pm 12/10/08 3:40pm