A Letter To American Apparel's Latest Spokesbottom, "Kristen"

Dear Kristen, You have a nice ass. I could have probably inferred that fact by simply getting stuck in certain positions a crowded subway car with you, or walking behind you on a summer's day, but thanks to the new American Apparel Youtube video I know exactly how firm it looks when you lean down and wave it around as… »1/31/08 2:00pm1/31/08 2:00pm

If You Go To Work For American Apparel, Can You Really Expect Dov Charney To Wear Clothes?

Just when you thought a day could not pass without a post on American Apparel, the best worst company in America, we get this alarming tidbit courtesy the New York Post: one of the sexual harassment cases against chronic masturbating abusive perv-with-a-heart-of-gold-lame-leggings American Apparel founder/CEO Dov… »1/08/08 12:30pm1/08/08 12:30pm

"I Went Home, Grabbed Some Spraypaint, Took The Train Back And Waited Until 4am To Climb The Scaffolding."

I'm still a little bitter over the months I spent making $9 an hour clearing out their dressing rooms, but I have to credit the ethically exploitative, generically-trendhumping corporate paradox that is American Apparel for its ceaseless bloggy news flow. Just last week, the company ran a New York Times ad advocating… »12/28/07 1:30pm12/28/07 1:30pm