Texas American Eagle Manager Believed Strangled by Former Coworkers 

A Fort Worth, Tex., woman found dead in her burned apartment is now believed to have been bound, strangled to death, and set on fire with what appears to have been rubbing alcohol by two former coworkers. » 12/08/14 6:50pm 12/08/14 6:50pm

Did Aerie's Non-Airbrushed Models Make You Want to Buy Their Panties?

In January, lingerie line Aerie announced that it would no longer photoshop or airbrush its models and nearly one year later, it looks like it's paying off. » 11/04/14 2:45pm 11/04/14 2:45pm

All These Girls Season 2 Marketing Partnerships Are Ughhh

A recent New York Times article about Girls' on-point (rather than glossy and unrealistic) costume design only throws the following into sharp relief: » 1/05/13 3:30pm 1/05/13 3:30pm

The Ridiculous Bra For Blossoming Teen Bosoms

American Eagle's new padded "Drew" bra promises to enhance your breasts up to two cup sizes and give you that "Double Whoa." The problem? Some would say they are marketing directly to teenagers. » 8/17/11 1:25pm 8/17/11 1:25pm

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Transgender Rights Mean Letting People "Dress Like Ewoks"

We wouldn't expect Bill O'Reilly to applaud American Eagle Outfitters's new trans-friendly policies — but did he have to compare transpeople to Ewoks? » 5/19/10 9:30am 5/19/10 9:30am

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