American Apparel Encouraged Employees to Wear 'Ask Me to Take It All Off' Shirt on Black Friday [Updated]

According to an anonymous source within the company, American Apparel has started scaling back up towards a sexier image—some aspects of which are making employees uncomfortable. Last week, the company asked retail workers to wear shirts that say “Ask Me to Take It All Off” this coming Black Friday. “American Apparel… »Monday 8:12pm11/23/15 8:12pm


American Apparel's New Plans for Social Activism Less Sexy Than Before

American Apparel’s new CEO Paula Schneider and chairwoman Colleen Brown are taking a new approach to the company’s well-known support of political and social issues. In the past, the clothing company addressed its stance on LGTBQ rights, fair labor practices and immigration reform through billboards and their infamous »4/25/15 5:15pm4/25/15 5:15pm

Did Versace Just Rip Off Designs Kesh Made for American Apparel?

A few years ago, the artist, fashion designer, style icon, and it-girl Kesh was employed by American Apparel to create a really cool diffusion line of black-and-white graphic separates, defined by eyes and faces and rooted in a style that she's been proffering for years. The pieces were available at standard AA… »3/31/15 9:50am3/31/15 9:50am

American Apparel Replaces Super Creep Dov Charney with Female CEO

Following a five-month internal investigation, American Apparel has made the decision to officially kick Dov Charney, a 14-year-old on growth hormones, to the curb. Paula Schneider, formerly of Big Strike, BCBG Max Azria and Laundry by Shelli Segal, will move in as the company's first female CEO on January 5, 2015. »12/16/14 6:00pm12/16/14 6:00pm

Internet's Favorite Voguing Teen Is Now Modeling for American Apparel

I've long thought the notion that the internet as Great Equalizer is some wishful utopian bullshit, but this important new development is making me reconsider. Brendan Jordan, the Las Vegas teenager whose pose-striking on local news went viral and landed him on The Queen Latifah Show, has now parlayed webfame into… »12/05/14 1:30pm12/05/14 1:30pm