Employees Claim American Apparel Is Still Treating Them Like Crap

You can't champion worker rights and then treat your employees like caca. American Apparel is facing two separate complaints with the NLRB filed by employees. » 3/06/15 9:30am 3/06/15 9:30am

Dov Charney, the Bad Ex-Boyfriend Who Can't Take a Hint

Poor, poor, poor American Apparel. Yes, pity is the worst thing to be on the receiving end of when you've just gone through a dramatic breakup, but it's hard not to feel empathetic for the suffering clothing company. They've got an ex-boyfriend, you see, who will just not fuck off. » 1/29/15 3:30pm 1/29/15 3:30pm

Impoverished Moppet Dov Charney Is Down To His 'Last $100K'

In an off-camera interview with Bloomberg News last week, recently fired American Apparel founder Dov Charney claimed quite the sob story. » 12/22/14 2:15pm 12/22/14 2:15pm

American Apparel Replaces Super Creep Dov Charney with Female CEO

Following a five-month internal investigation, American Apparel has made the decision to officially kick Dov Charney, a 14-year-old on growth hormones, to the curb. Paula Schneider, formerly of Big Strike, BCBG Max Azria and Laundry by Shelli Segal, will move in as the company's first female CEO on January 5, 2015. » 12/16/14 6:00pm 12/16/14 6:00pm

Internet's Favorite Voguing Teen Is Now Modeling for American Apparel

I've long thought the notion that the internet as Great Equalizer is some wishful utopian bullshit, but this important new development is making me reconsider. Brendan Jordan, the Las Vegas teenager whose pose-striking on local news went viral and landed him on The Queen Latifah Show, has now parlayed webfame into… » 12/05/14 1:30pm 12/05/14 1:30pm

The United Kingdom Just Banned a Sleazy American Apparel Ad

The United Kingdom will thank American Apparel to keep their filthy adverts off its genteel shores. The nation's Advertising Standards Authority has banned a couple of schoolgirl-themed ads by the company, claiming they've got the "potential to normalise predatory sexual behaviour." » 9/03/14 2:00pm 9/03/14 2:00pm

Twenty Days of Harassment and Racism as an American Apparel Employee

When I graduated college I moved to a new city and wanted a low-stress job that would allow me time to focus on creative projects. I knew people who had worked for American Apparel in the past, both in sales and at the LA headquarters, so I decided to interview for a part-time position. » 9/02/14 2:00pm 9/02/14 2:00pm

Is 'Empowerment Marketing' Better Or Just More Advertiser Bullcrap?

After decades of telling women they're fat and they smell and their faces are busted, advertisers have finally figured out that—wonder of wonders!—sometimes a positive message strikes a better tone. But just how pleased should we really be with "empowerment marketing"? » 8/14/14 2:50pm 8/14/14 2:50pm

American Apparel Flies Philly Bikini Barista to L.A. for Free Bikinis

Remember last week's story about the woman who was kicked out of a Philadelphia public swimming pool (and driven away via mockery at another) for wearing an American Apparel bikini that—to paraphrase Mel Horowitz—LOOKS LIKE UNDAH-WEAH? Well, there's a happy ending (I guess, if you like American Apparel bikinis),… » 7/24/14 6:45pm 7/24/14 6:45pm

American Apparel Adds First Female to Its Board of Directors

A month after its founder Dov Charney was suspended for misconduct, American Apparel has appointed new directors to its board, and for the first time one of them is a woman. » 7/24/14 12:00pm 7/24/14 12:00pm

Woman Kicked Out of Philly Pool for Wearing American Apparel Bikini

A Philadelphia barista and water sports enthusiast says she was ridiculed by staff and, eventually, prevented from swimming at a public pool for wearing a swimsuit that looked like "a bra and panties." It was, in fact, an American Apparel bikini, which she demonstrated by letting a male employee pull out the waistband… » 7/18/14 7:00pm 7/18/14 7:00pm

American Apparel Rehires Dov Charney as 'Strategic Consultant'

An independent board committee is still investigating American Apparel founder and ex-CEO Dov Charney for sexual misconduct, yet the company board has hired him back as a "strategic consultant" until the end of the investigation. » 7/11/14 5:15pm 7/11/14 5:15pm

American Apparel Co-Chairman Allan Mayer Really Misses Dov Charney

Dov Charney is photoshopped into a shot 1970s-style cleavage on the cover of Bloomberg Businessweek. This is happening to you and you can’t stop it. » 7/10/14 1:40pm 7/10/14 1:40pm

Dov Charney refuses to go home. The ousted American Apparel founder, Chief Executive Officer and rumored skeeve was spotted earlier this week at a store in violation of the terms of his termination. According to the Post, Charney was caught by Jen Snow, a retail employee at another nearby store, who Instagram'd… » 7/09/14 4:30pm 7/09/14 4:30pm

American Apparel's Latest Fuck Up Stresses Danger of Hiring Milennials

American Apparel is the center of controversy once again, but this time, ex-CEO Dov Charney has nothing to do with it. Nope, as a matter of fact, the shitshow went down on the company's Tumblr account, where an employee posted a picture of a firework explosion cloud thing with the tags: #smoke, #clouds. Here's a… » 7/05/14 1:35pm 7/05/14 1:35pm

Are Dov Charney and Terry Richardson The Same Person? Almost!

Are Dov Charney and Terry Richardson the same person? Almost! Former American Apparel CEO Charney and fashion photographer Richardson have a lot in common. A LOT. » 6/24/14 12:20pm 6/24/14 12:20pm

Dov Charney Was Fired for Making Employee His 'Sex Slave'

It's tough to imagine which of his equally disturbing sex crimes finally motivated the American Apparel board to fire CEO Dov Charney. Now it's come out that a 2011 case, in which former employee Irene Morales accuses Charney of forcing her into "sex slavery," was the tipping point. » 6/21/14 12:00pm 6/21/14 12:00pm