Dov Charney Insists Allegations of Sketchiness Are 'Completely a Fiction'

Dov Charney gave a rare on-camera interview to CNBC which aired today. In it, the founder of hipster t-shirt-and-scrunchy supplier American Apparel laughed off his company's ongoing financial troubles. Charney thinks that "you're casting it from the wrong perspective" if you point out that the company he founded is… »4/10/12 4:30pm4/10/12 4:30pm


Dov Charney 'Sex Slave' Lawsuit Will Settle Out of Court

Irene Morales, the 21-year-old former American Apparel manager who said last year that the company's notoriously sleazy founder, Dov Charney, had sexually harassed her since she was 17, will have to settle her case behind closed doors. The official reason for tossing the original $260 million lawsuit, originally… »3/22/12 10:40am3/22/12 10:40am

American Apparel Will Get $75M From George Soros — But at a Price

Details have emerged of American Apparel's new George Soros-backed credit line — and they do not look good for the company. American Apparel is swapping out a $75 million Bank of America line of credit for an $80 million loan from Soros' company Crystal Financial. For the privilege, its interest rate will effectively… »3/14/12 2:30pm3/14/12 2:30pm

The End of an Era: American Apparel Finally Anti-Theft Tags Its Clothes

American Apparel is changing its way of doing business. The troubled hipster clothier — so renowned as a soft touch for shoplifters that Shoplifting From American Apparel is a novel that exists — is cutting perhaps the last tie to its earlier, looser, corporate culture. It is installing radio-frequency ID tags on all… »2/20/12 4:00pm2/20/12 4:00pm

April Flores, American Apparel & The Plus-Size 'Demographic'

Last year, April Flores — adult film star, erotic performer and plus-size beauty — visited an American Apparel showroom in an attempt to find pieces for her plus-sized clothing line. She was told that AA did not have plus-sized items because "that's not our demographic." Tuesday, the company's Creative Director, Iris… »9/15/11 1:40pm9/15/11 1:40pm

American Apparel Refuses To Recognize Rightful Plus-Size Contest Winner

As you may recall, American Apparel celebrated adding plus-size clothing to their stores by announcing a search for "booty-ful" models. The winner was supposed to be a woman who needs "a little extra wiggle room" and has a "fresh face and curvaceous bod." Nancy Upton entered the contest, submitting photographs of… »9/14/11 6:55pm9/14/11 6:55pm

Not Even U.K. Looters Will Touch American Apparel Clothes

There are probably any number of reasons why this Manchester American Apparel store had its windows smashed during the civil unrest that has been roiling in the U.K. but none of the rioters appear to have stolen any clothes. Maybe the police showed up just in the nick of time. Maybe everyone had just finished looting… »8/11/11 3:35pm8/11/11 3:35pm

American Apparel Not Going Bankrupt As Rapidly As Before

American Apparel finally had a quarter where the company's financial results weren't a total disaster. Same-store sales, a key measure of retail health, didn't plummet. They didn't rise, either, but they didn't fall! This is the first time that's happened since the month of January, 2009. And the company, which had a… »8/09/11 1:10pm8/09/11 1:10pm