Watch a Republican Congressional Candidate Cock a Gun and Drink Sweet Tea to Get Elected

We’re in an election season where “political outsider” is the highest possible compliment, an indicator that you have nothing to do with those unethical slimeballs down in Washington. But those slimeballs down in Washington like “political outsiders” too, which is why they throw so much money at getting them elected.


The Restaurant Industry, Like Every Industry, Needs to Give Its Workers Paid Maternal Leave 

As far as I’m concerned, American exceptionalism lives on primarily in the fact that we’re the only developed country in the world that doesn’t offer its women paid maternal leave. We are 15 to 30 weeks worse off in this regard than women in—to name a few—Slovakia, Cyprus, Lithuania, Romania, Estonia, and Malta; the…

Pentagon Investigating Whether Thousands Spent at Strip Clubs, Casinos Was Business-Related or What

The Pentagon is looking into whether Defense Department employees tried to get the U.S. government to reimburse them for all the money they spent at strip clubs and casinos. Not whether military personnel spent tons of money at strip clubs and casinos, because they sure, sure did—no, just if they tried to get paid…