Theaters Ask That You Leave Whips at Home When You See Fifty Shades

There's only a week left before Fifty Shades of Grey descends on cinemas everywhere, and the people running the movie theaters have become a little concerned that customers will be bringing more than just their imaginations to the film. AMC Theaters is already preparing for this by inviting fans to come to the movie… »2/06/15 11:45am2/06/15 11:45am

The Walking Dead: Womankind’s Search for the Truth


It’s October. That time of year when the leaves start to change from green to golden browns and reds. Nostalgia is the dominant emotion as little kids dress up like ghouls and goblins. It’s certainly a season marked by change, and this year, like the last few years, people having been changing into zombies – or maybe… »10/10/13 10:03pm10/10/13 10:03pm

Goodbye and Good Riddance, Angry Little Men Who Hate Skyler White

There's a lot I'll miss now that Breaking Bad is over. I'll miss Jesse's boyish swearing, Hank's percussive heh-heh laugh, Marie's purple everything, baby Holly's hats. My confusion over how hot I find Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman. The entire cast's virtuosic performances, the script's brilliance, the colors and… »9/30/13 3:38pm9/30/13 3:38pm

Matthew Weiner Almost Pete Campbelled His Way Off of Mad Men

In an interview yesterday with the New York Times, Mad Men mastermind Matthew Weiner talked all about the show's much-anticipated 5th season, including how terrifyingly close it came to never happening. Faced with an interminable negotiation process, Weiner says he wanted to quit the show faster than a kid who's been… »3/08/12 9:00pm3/08/12 9:00pm

The Walking Dead Is Spreading Icky Morning-After Pill Myths

The Walking Dead, now in its second season, has riveted audiences with its tense undead action interspersed with human drama. Lately, though, the show's seeming ignorance of how the morning after pill works has been rubbing some viewers the wrong way. It should surprise approximately no one that a drama based on a… »11/21/11 5:00pm11/21/11 5:00pm