FDA Recommends Ladies Cut Sleeping Pill Dosage in Half Because—ZZZzzzz

Yo, girl. I got your text late last night, but I'm not exactly sure what "haha, so funny. Justin Timberlake in a sweet chimpanzee banana hat" means. Sure, that sounds funny, but I just need you to clarify what you meant when you wrote it. Huh? You don't even remember sending it? Well, maybe that's because you're… »1/11/13 10:50am1/11/13 10:50am


Stressed Out Moms Are Hitting The Ambien Bottle Hard

Sometimes it seems like moms cannot catch a break. They're already on duty 24 hours a day, but now it turns out that even when everyone else in the house is fast asleep, they're not getting much rest. Insomnia, the New York times reports, is causing women across the country, but especially moms, to turn to sleeping… »11/06/11 2:05pm11/06/11 2:05pm