Patti Labelle, Amber Riley, Lil Kim Shut It Down with 'Lady Marmalade'

Dancing with the Stars is a television phenomenon I cannot really get into—former dance teacher here, thinking the choreo is trife—but you know what I can get into? R&B POWERHOUSES ON DUELING VOCAL INTERCHANGE. That is exactly what happened when none other than your god and spiritual mother Patti Labelle showed up to… »4/29/15 11:28am4/29/15 11:28am

Complete Shithead Leaks Emotional Private Texts from Britney Spears

Aw man, not this human egg-fart again. Noted social butterfly and vulnerable-starlet-betrayer Sam Lutfi is back in the "news" again, having released a number of private texts that he claims are from a hysterical, emotionally dysfunctional Britney Spears. I don't know if they're actually from Britney or not, and I… »12/04/13 8:25pm12/04/13 8:25pm

Peter Jackson Denies Cruelty Allegations, Says All Animals on Set Died Peacefully of Old Age in the Arms of Sarah McLachlan

You might remember from this morning that the set of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has been deemed a "death trap" for animals by four wranglers working on the project—and the outrage has subsequently been picked up by PETA. Today, Peter Jackson and the film's producers released a statement in which they roundly… »11/19/12 8:00pm11/19/12 8:00pm

Amber Riley's Rendition of the National Anthem Will Make You Feel All Star Spangled

I like to think of myself as a fairly accomplished shouter of songs. The other week, for example, I accurately sang probably 75% of the notes to Celine Dion's The Power of Love while in the shower, and the other day I sang the part of Cabaret about goin' like Elsie without my voice cracking/glass shattering. Glee »9/05/12 7:10pm9/05/12 7:10pm

In Case You Missed It, Amber Riley Killed 'I Will Always Love You' on Glee Last Night

Glee has become a disappointingly confusing clusterfuck of random ideas fit only for Hate Watching (seriously, I've been unhappy with almost every plotline since The Acafellas broke up) but last night, Mercedes — played by Amber Riley — sang the song Dolly Parton wrote in 1973 and Whitney Houston made megafamous in… »2/15/12 12:00pm2/15/12 12:00pm

Queens Create Totally Awesome '80s Infomercial on Drag Race

RuPaul has always been really great at product placement — his songs play throughout the show and brand-names are dropped often and effortlessly. And last night, the contestants on Drag Race had to create infomercials for RuPaul's album. Team Glamazon made an '80s themed clip, complete with neon colors, big hair,… »2/14/12 6:30pm2/14/12 6:30pm