PSA: Katy Perry Approves of Tonight's American Music Awards

"I appreciate all the other awards shows for what they are," Perry said. "Some are just kind of shock jock shows. Some are just like, `Hey, let's see how many celebrities we can get together.' Some are actually legitimate like the Grammys, and the AMAs is a very legitimate show with musicality to it." » 11/24/13 8:00pm 11/24/13 8:00pm

The Good, The Bad & The Incredibly Ugly Outfits Of The American Music…

Last night, pop stars and celebrities attended the American Music Awards in LA. Trust a music awards ceremony to bring out the big guns, and of course by bringing out the big guns, I mean being praised for dressing in a way that is not socially acceptable anywhere or anytime else, which only makes social convention… » 11/21/11 12:35pm 11/21/11 12:35pm