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Amandla Stenberg Directed a Film and It's Pretty Awesome

Rue is alive and well and making movies! Amandla Stenberg shot, directed and edited this tiny masterpiece based on The Yellow Wallpaper, and it's pretty great. Not only because Stenberg is reading the classics, but because she's so ambitious in her aspirations. What were you doing at 15? (I was eating paste.) » 6/20/14 9:45am 6/20/14 9:45am

The Kids' Choice Awards Red Carpet Is the Most Fun Red Carpet of the…

The Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards — which held its 26th annual event yesterday in Los Angeles — has got to be the most enjoyable awards show ever. From the bright, youthful clothes to the slime, celebrities actually look like they're having fun. Kristen Stewart smiles. It's that awesome. You cannot look at these… » 3/25/13 1:10pm 3/25/13 1:10pm

The Heartbreaker Who Inspired Adele to Write 21 Has Finally Been…

Ever since Adele became a megastar with her alternately catchy and tear-inducing album 21, we've been trying to identify the man that broke her heart and spurred her to write such excellent fodder for our own weep-fests. At first, we suspected it might be a gentleman named Slinky Sunbeam, but now it turns out to be… » 4/03/12 8:00pm 4/03/12 8:00pm