Anonymous Exposes Bullies Who Encouraged Teen Girl to Commit Suicide

Man, online bullying is the pits, and I'm so thankful the internet was not in wide use when I was in high school because it takes note passing to whole new levels of intensity. Back in my day, it would take a day or two for rumors to make their way around schools — now it only takes a few minutes. Your hormones and… » 11/15/12 10:00am 11/15/12 10:00am

One Mistake Won't Ruin Your Life. Remember That.

One mistake will ruin your life. For generations, adolescent girls have heard that message over and over from mothers, fathers, grandparents, teachers, pastors, rabbis, and busybodies galore. Whether the warnings are about getting their hearts broken, losing their oh-so-precious virginity, or –- worst of all –-… » 10/26/12 5:20pm 10/26/12 5:20pm

Like Amanda Todd, I Was Blackmailed With Naked Pictures When I Was 16

Like a lot of people, I try to block out memories of the time of my life I spent in high school. But reading about Amanda Todd, the teenage girl who committed suicide after being bullied over a topless picture, has brought back some painful ones. Because what happened to Amanda Todd almost happened to me. » 10/18/12 3:20pm 10/18/12 3:20pm

Publicly 'Outing' Trolls and Predators Isn't a Distraction, It's a…

Thanks to Gawker's story on the man behind Reddit's legendary troll "Violentacrez" and Anonymous' outing of the alleged sexual predator who bullied 15-year-old Amanda Todd to death, October 2012 might go down in history as National "Out A Creep" Month. Some argue that publicly outing a selective number of horrible… » 10/17/12 1:40pm 10/17/12 1:40pm

Anonymous Outs the Man Who Allegedly Drove Amanda Todd to Suicide

Anonymous is claiming that Kody Maxson, a 30-year-old (former?) Facebook employee living in New Westminster, British Columbia, is the man who allegedly harassed Vancouver-area 15-year-old Amanda Todd so relentlessly that she took her own life on Oct. 10. In their YouTube video, a Guy Fawkes-outfitted anonybro with… » 10/16/12 3:13am 10/16/12 3:13am

Amanda Todd's Mother Plans To Educate Other Parents On Cyber-Bullying

Carol Todd—mother of Vancouver teenager Amanda Todd, who committed suicide one month short of her 16th birthday after years of bullying due to a topless photo she sent to a man in an online chatroom in middle school—gave an interview to the Vancouver Sun yesterday. She spoke about her daughter's suffering, the… » 10/13/12 6:00pm 10/13/12 6:00pm

Will This 15-Year-Old Suicide Victim's PSA Actually Convince Bullies to…

Amanda Todd, the Vancouver-area 15-year-old who allegedly killed herself this week after years of cyber bullying, is famous now, thanks to the chilling anti-bullying video she posted on YouTube a few weeks before her death. But there's nothing special or unique about Amanda's story. That's why it's so powerful. » 10/12/12 1:40pm 10/12/12 1:40pm