We Read So You Don't Have To: The Year's Biggest Ladymags, Rated and…

In Ladymag Land, the biggest issues of the year are the September issues. And this year, Vogue, Queen of the Ladymags, had its biggest issue ever. Nine hundred sixteen pages: Absolutely GIGANTIC. But all of the Ladymags celebrated the fall season in a huge way, and we could not let this momentous occasion pass without… » 9/06/12 4:00pm 9/06/12 4:00pm

Black Ladies Agree That They're Awesome

One of the least fun parts of being a lady is the constant barrage of media that insists that there are products to be purchased that might help you overcome your crushing lack of Pretty. A new survey reveals that while some women are internalizing this message, one group is rejecting en masse it and declaring… » 11/09/11 5:05pm 11/09/11 5:05pm

Allure Editor Celebrates 20 Years Of Homogenized Beauty Standards

Twenty years ago this month, Allure editor Linda Wells founded the magazine that we credit with teaching us how to shower and how to rub sunscreen on our bodies. So, how is she marking this auspicious occasion? With an outdated defense of uniformly thin models! » 2/14/11 10:24am 2/14/11 10:24am

How Many Black Models Were In The September Issues?

In fall 2007, WWD and The New York Times published pieces about the absence of black models on the fashion runways. We did our own tally of black models in fashion magazines, and came up with some shocking statistics. » 8/27/10 4:50pm 8/27/10 4:50pm

Marion Cotillard Ditches Her Eyebrows For French Vogue Cover