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Dodai here. Remember how I posted » 7/29/08 11:45am 7/29/08 11:45am about my secret weapon, Alloy? Well my stuff arrived. The does not fit. At all. Weird, since the was a smash hit. The fits great, although I fear that if I pair it with black pants, instead of looking like a sexy socialite, I'll look like tired catering waitress. In other news, the …

This Week We Defended Fashion And Dismissed Deluded Ladymags

Alloy: The Secret Weapon Of The Broke & Plus-Sized

People, I don't really like discussing certain aspects of my life on the interwebs but there's something you should know: I'm not thin. I'm not use-a-crane-to-remove- her-from-her-house obese, but I can't fit into 75% the stuff I want. Zara is off-limits; Club Monaco is a joke, Benetton makes me weep. But! The teen… » 7/10/08 2:00pm 7/10/08 2:00pm