Single British Women Start Planning Their Wedding As Zygotes

Maybe a lot of us, particularly when friends start getting married, idly consider what they would or wouldn't like at their wedding — but mostly wouldn't. That is a horrible color. Oh my God, those flowers smell like jizz trees. And AEROSMITH? I'd rather have my wedding song be that parrot singing "Let The Bodies Hit… »7/06/13 1:00pm7/06/13 1:00pm

On Looking Like Every Dude’s OK Cupid Date But Not Being It

Like many single women, I have a Saturday brunch ritual with friends. When friends aren't available—or sometimes when they are, but I feel cranky or sub-human or haven't washed my hair for so long it could be the inciting incident for Contagion 2—I take myself out with my computer or a book to inhale an embarassingly… »2/23/13 2:30pm2/23/13 2:30pm

New TV Show Focuses On How You're Going To Be Alone Forever

In a recent issue of The Atlantic, Kate Bolick argues that the marriage is an ever-evolving social relationship and that, due to social and economic factors that are changing the ways that men and women behave, marriage is becoming less and less appealing to educated American women. Men are becoming less attractive as… »11/08/11 6:20pm11/08/11 6:20pm

Is The Meaning Behind Beyonce's Music Misunderstood?

I'm not sure if Beyoncé identifies as a feminist, but I've always considered her to be one. The singer/songwriter-whose album, I Am…Sasha Fierce »11/21/08 6:00pm11/21/08 6:00pmwas recently released-constantly revisits themes of independence, strength, self-worth, and confidence. ("Independent Women" is undeniably as anthemic as Aretha Franklin's…