All My Children & One Life To Live Are Officially Gone, Won't Continue…

As any soap fan knows, it's often hard to tell when a character is really dead. As a longtime All My Children fan, I've seen characters who were shot and later appeared as angels miraculously show up a decade later to stir up trouble in their lover's new relationship (often while pretending to be deceased, these… » 11/27/11 11:32pm 11/27/11 11:32pm

A Lapsed Fan's Farewell To All My Children

Today All My Children will go off the air after 41 years. I haven't watched the show regularly in years, and when I tuned in this month I found one of my favorite characters is now played by a new actress, another suddenly realized she's a lesbian, and at least four characters I saw die are alive again. And yet… » 9/23/11 11:35am 9/23/11 11:35am

Carol Burnett Returns To All My Children For A Catfight

All My Children goes off the air in less than two weeks, and in the meantime, the stars who made it big after their gig on the soap are making cameos — and Carol Burnett is no exception. She appeared on yesterday and today's editions of AMC as Verla Grubbs, a traveling gypsy who's been on the series since 1983.… » 9/07/11 7:10pm 9/07/11 7:10pm